Curbless Showers: 8 Reasons to Choose One for Your Bathroom

Curbless showers have become a popular addition to bathroom remodelling projects. Many homeowners who prefer an open concept living space are choosing curbless walk-in showers for their convenience. These shower designs are also flexible and create a seamless look.
Still unsure? Here are several reasons why choosing a curbless shower for your bathroom is a good idea.

8 Reasons to Choose a Curbless Shower

Planning to remodel your bathroom? Here are a few reasons to choose a curbless shower.

1. It’s Easy to Access

Building a home that ages with you and your changing needs is an excellent idea. One such addition to your ‘forever home’ is a curbless shower. Traditional bathrooms have a four-inch shower curb. This is easy for a younger person to step over; less so for a senior or someone with mobility issues.

2. It’s Easy to Clean

Cleaning the corners of regular shower enclosures is a difficult and time-consuming process. However, a curbless shower’s open cubicle is easy to reach and clean.No more bending, squatting or spending way too much time cleaning. All you need is a hand-held showerhead with a hose.

3. It Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Looking to maximize your bathroom space? Choose a curbless shower. The absence of a curb creates a visual flow in regard to your bathroom floor which makes the room appear bigger and more open. This is especially true for small- to medium-sized bathrooms.

4. It Can Have a Shower Door as Well

Not comfortable with a shower without a door? A curbless walk-in shower has a flexible design that accommodates a door without taking up much space. Instead of a sliding shower door with tracks that impede the reason for having this shower, to begin with, choose a swinging glass door; preferably frameless. It will be both space-saving and functional as it creates privacy and won’t let water escape. If you’re fine with a ‘door-less’ shower area, keep the original design.

5. It Saves You Money

Building a curbless shower saves you the cost of buying and installing a shower enclosure. You can build this type of shower on a limited budget without compromising on style because you can be creative with the tiles. You also don’t have to spend extra money on maintaining, repairing or replacing shower enclosures.

6. It Makes Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

The open layout of curbless showers makes them more comfortable and inviting than traditional ones. That said, there are many ways to make it look like a spa by adding in-set shelves, niches and even heated floors because you have more space to experiment with.

7. It’s Safe

A curbless shower is an especially wise investment if you have older adults in your family. By incorporating a curbless shower system, you take a significant step towards a safer and accident-free bathroom since there is no curb which can be a tripping hazard.

8. It’s Timeless

The best thing about a curbless or one-level shower is its timeless appearance. Instead of updating the glass shower door and enclosures with changing trends, you can use this practical and appealing shower area without making costly decor updates.
A curbless shower is beautiful and seamless while offering many practical benefits. The best thing about a walk-in shower is its flexibility and ease of access. It’s also customizable, so if you want a curbless shower door in the future to increase your bathroom’s privacy, it can be installed. Call us at 905-265-1476 if you need help purchasing top-quality curbless shower doors in Toronto or for other bathroom remodelling needs like frameless glass shower doors, bathtub glass enclosures and hardware.

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