Neo-Angle Shower Glass from Shower Lagoon

A frameless neo-angle shower is a form of a corner shower enclosure with two solid sides and three glass panels. The ultimate result is a diamond-shaped shower with two solid sides that are usually placed in a corner and held together by glass-to-glass hinges. Neo-angle shower doors fit snugly into compact areas and make the shower the focal point of any small bathroom design. The transparent tempered glass allows light to shine through when combined with a neo-angle shower base and corner shower wall.

If you want perfectly placed shower glass enclosures, especially in asymmetrical bathrooms, our neo-angle shower glass has the correct panel thickness, colours, and textures for your needs. Shower Lagoon’s experts have significant knowledge, skills, and years of experience in the field of glass enclosures to provide the finest outcomes every time. For a timeless design, combine a neo-angle shower door with a neo-angle shower base of your choosing to create your shower area. Together they give your bathroom a fresh look and your shower a style makeover.

Benefits of Neo-Angle Shower Glass

Custom-made neo-angle glass enclosures make your bathroom smart and stylish. The professionals at Shower Lagoon will guide you through the entire installation process, from picking the proper glass texture to obtaining precise dimensions. (The texture of glass may change depending on the style you choose.) Depending on the overall style of your bathroom, you may consult with our professionals to choose the best glass texture.

  • Neo-angle shower glass systems are tailored to every bathroom, big or small.
  • Our professionals take accurate measurements to ensure rapid installation.
  • Neo-angle shower glass transforms dull bathroom.
  • They can fit into everyone’s budget.
  • Neo-angle shower glass comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean.

Make Your Dream Bathroom a Reality

Is your dream bathroom still a dream? Do you want to know how to beautify this private space? Contact Shower Lagoon, one of Canada's best-known shower glass firms, with years of industry expertise. Our rates are reasonable, and we provide the best items in terms of both form and function.

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How is neo-angle shower glass different from other glass?

Neo-angle shower enclosures are intended to fit into even the tiniest bathroom corners while remaining elegant.

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How much will it cost to set up neo-angle glass shower and enclosure?

There is no fixed cost. It all depends upon the materials used and the size and location of your bathroom.

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Will there be sample designs available to see how everything turns out?

Yes, sample designs will be provided.

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What kind of neo-angle glass is available?

We offer framed and frameless neo-angle glass.

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Does Shower Lagoon provide professional advice as to what shower option is best for my bathroom?

Yes. Shower Lagoon’s professional designers can advise you as to the most viable option for your bathroom.

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Are neo-angle glass doors easy to clean?

Yes, they are very easy to clean and save you a lot of time and energy.

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