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Interior glass is thought to be a utilitarian element that connects one place to another without any barriers. Clear glass allows light to stream in and illuminate the space making it appear brighter and more spacious while offering clear views of the indoors and outdoors. And, when used properly, they can reduce the need for artificial lighting. The material offers a virtually endless potential in transforming a space both aesthetically and practically. Moreover, recent advancements in technology have increased these possibilities even further.

Shower Lagoon is a leading supplier of interior glass products in Toronto and the GTA. We offer a wide range of products that can be used in various applications and increase your property’s curb appeal.

Our interior glass solutions offer an aesthetic value like none other being available in numerous designs and styles. So, you can choose something that suits your preferences. They can create an appealing commercial or residential property style with customization options.

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Flexible Interior Glass Solutions for Your Business

Our commercial glass solutions offer a modern and sleek appearance making them suitable for commercial applications. The doors and panels can make the space more open and connected improving communications and collaborations. And, our glass fixtures will allow more natural light in and make the area look brighter and spacious.

At Shower Lagoon, we offer custom interior glass for commercial properties that take up less space than traditional materials. And, they can enhance the look and feel of your space.

Interior Glass for Innovative Applications in Residential Properties

Shower Lagoon’s interior glass products are treated to improve energy efficiency and insulation within a home. They can absorb, refract and transmit light while making your property more stunning and enhancing the ambiance. With clear glass, your space will appear larger and more open with natural light streaming indoors throughout the day and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Our products are recyclable and can be reused numerous times without compromising on quality. And, since they are lightweight, they will help reduce the dead load of the building.

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Shower Lagoon, Leaders in the Glass Industry

With over 20 years of experience in offering glass products in Toronto, we offer only the best in terms of prices, quality, and experience. Here’s why,

  • This ensures that you don’t have to replace them as soon as you would with other materials.
  • Dedicated and prompt customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure our client’s requirements are met.
  • Choose from our extensive selection of glass and hardware options.
  • Precise measurement for the most accurate fittings, by expert installers.
  • Top-notch and affordable installation services.
  • High-quality products and design that ensures accessibility and durability.
We can answer all your questions, from purchasing to installation, and beyond.


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1) Which glass is best for walls?

Architectural glass, laminate glass or tempered glass are best for walls.

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2) How is glass used in interior design?

They can be used as walls, floors, partitions, or skylights to allow natural light inside. They can also be used for sinks and shower enclosures among others.

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3) Which glass is best for the bedroom?

Tempered glass is best for the bedroom. You can also go for motorized tempered glass to be able to switch panels between translucent and opaque for better light and privacy control.

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4) Which glass is best for privacy?

There are many options. You can go for smoked, textured, coloured, or switchable privacy glass. Contact us to find out all your options.

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5) What is the most popular obscure glass?

Satin glass is the most popular obscure glass. It is chemically treated so as to not be transparent and yet allow light through it. It has a smooth and frosted look.

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    The Shower Lagoon Promise


    Versatile Designs

    From tinted to frosted doors or clean glass panels, you can have it all under one roof. Choose custom hardware options based on the style of the rest of your interiors or exteriors.



    We use high-quality tempered glass for our glass products which are crack and scratch-resistant. Their waterproof feature makes them safe and enhances the beauty of the property.



    We offer complete customization on our glass products. From glass replacement to installation, we tailor everything as per your preferences


    Competitive Prices

    We advocate fair prices on all our products and services. So, you can select one that fits your requirements and budget.


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