Oct 15
Cost to Install a Sliding Glass Door

Cost of Sliding Glass Doors (Learn How to Maintain Them)

Are you planning to install sliding glass doors at home but want to save time and money while avoiding potential injuries from the installation process? Shower Lagoon can provide you with the best glass door installation service in Toronto.But ho […]

Oct 5
What Are the Pros & Cons of Different Glass Shower Doors

What Are the Pros & Cons of Different Glass Shower Doors?

Are you looking for the best custom glass shower doors for your bathroom? Yes, they exist to serve a purpose, but can also enhance the room’s beauty. Glass shower doors not only make your room brighter but also show off the stone, tile, marble, or ot […]

Sep 24
Trending Glass Door Ideas for Your Home

Glass Doors: Their Benefits and Which Is Best for You

Have you been relentlessly searching for the best glass door in Toronto to furnish your dream home? Glass doors are safe for interior and exterior use, with modern ones made of tempered glass to reduce risk of breaking. They are also energy-efficient […]

Sep 15

Your Dream Corner Glass Shower Is Waiting at Shower Lagoon

Are you building your dream home or renovating an older house? No home is complete without a soothing shower, where you can disconnect for a little while. We know the importance of comfort and privacy. That is why Shower Lagoon prides itself in havi […]

Sep 3

7 Ways to Help You Get the Best Use of Your Bathroom

Keeping a house organized is difficult; doing the same with a bathroom, even more so.Besides being one of the smallest rooms in your home, it also tends to accumulate clutter. So, making the space functional can be a challenge but is not impossib […]

Sep 3
Reasons to Choose Frameless Glass Corner Shower

Why Consider Investing in a Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure

Whether you’re designing a big or small bathroom, you want to utilize the space in a constructive way that ensures it is functional. From deciding where the bathroom fixtures are to be installed to storage and floor space, there are several considera […]

Jul 23
How to Choose Glass Stair Railings

How to Choose Glass Stair Railings (Consider 5 Top Factors)

Stair railings primarily offer support. This makes them an essential part of both residential and commercial buildings, whether you’re looking for outdoor or indoor applications.Glass railings are beautiful and modern, with smooth surfaces and cl […]

Jul 12
4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Custom Glass Shower Door

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Custom Glass Shower Door

Few things compare to a relaxing shower at the end of the day. But, how can you enjoy that tranquility when your shower door is in desperate need of an upgrade?When it comes to a custom glass shower door, it will begin showing signs of wear and t […]

Jun 16

Why Choose Glass Railings for Your Patio? (7 Reasons)

Patio owners are familiar with spending cool nights and hot summer days with their loved ones outside. But patios are at the mercy of external elements throughout the year. Hence, you need durable materials that stand up well to dirt, dust, moisture, […]

May 18
8 Creative Ideas to Bid Adieu to Boring Bathroom Corners

8 Creative Ideas to Bid Adieu to Boring Bathroom Corners

Working with limited bathroom space can be a challenge. This means making the most of every available square inch, without sacrificing on aesthetics.Attaining this perfect balance between form and function is the key to enhancing the look and fee […]