High-Quality Inline Shower Glass Door

Shower Lagoon is your one-stop-shop for stylish, effective, and long-lasting inline glass shower doors. We deliver elegant and opulent glass doors and enclosures personalized to your tastes. If we are specifically talking about a small bathroom, then swinging doors might not be a good choice because they are made for moderately-sized bathrooms. In such circumstances, an inline glass shower door can help make the most of your restricted bathroom space.

These doors are made up of a glass door panel joined at a 180-degree angle, resulting in an inline design. It can be a single swinging door with a full glass panel or full panels on both sides of the door. In some situations, the lining panels are notched at one end to permit a shower bench or any other design element you require. We have the supplies, equipment, and knowledge to make your dream bathroom a reality. You can explore everything here online or in person.

Benefits of Inline Shower Glass Doors

Our inline shower glass doors solve the claustrophobia and space issues created by traditional corner showers. Inline shower doors, with their streamlined designs and accessories, create a luxurious, sauna-like experience. One of the biggest benefits of inline shower glass is that mould cannot form as there is no space between the glass and glass panels.

  • Interior glass wall liners can create a spa-like atmosphere in shower alcoves.
  • As there are no frames in inline showers, there is no chance of frame corrosion.
  • Seamless translucent panels elegantly disperse light, making your bathroom appear bigger and more attractive.
  • Unlike inline shower glass doors, traditional framed shower glass cannot be customized.
  • Glass doors and panels can be frosted for additional privacy.
Steam shower glass enclosure in-line

Inline Showers Are Safe and Durable

Still wondering if inline shower glass is a good fit for your bathroom? Want to know more about it? Contact Shower Lagoon, one of Canada's best-known shower glass firms, with decades of industry expertise. Our rates are reasonable, and we provide the best items in terms of form and function.

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Why do inline glass shower doors vary in price?

Not all inline glass shower doors are equal. The type of glass used, whether it is framed or frameless, its thickness and texture, door measurements, and hardware are some of the most prevalent determinants of price.

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Can these products be customized? Is customization expensive?

You may purchase custom-made inline shower doors in the style and glass type of your choice. Customization is pricey but worthwhile since your product will be unique to your tastes and demands.

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Why should I choose frameless inline shower glass doors?

We recommend going for inline frameless doors because they make your bathroom appear bigger and more open. Cleaning is also simplified with more glass and fewer metal accents.

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