Let Shower Lagoon Create a Stellar Wine Cellar for Your Home

Do you have a delectable collection of wines? Then you should have an equally stunning wine cellar in which to display them. Our wall-to-wall glass enclosures will make your wine cellar the center of attention. And glass wine cellar walls are not just about how they look. With the right techniques, you can achieve the precise temperature and humidity needed to allow your wines to age optimally and attain a robust, dense taste.
For a smaller collection, you can turn an underutilized space into a small glass wine cellar. Our professionals will make sure that your wine cellar, whether big or small, gets a proper cooling unit to keep your wine at its ideal temperature. You can turn your frameless glass wine cellar doors and walls into a style focal point of your home. Who wouldn’t want such a beautiful and timeless space?

Why Our Glass Wine Cellars Come Highly Recommended

Our professionals can create conditions similar to natural cellars in your glass wine cellar. Their walls and shelves showcase your collection and protect it unlike any other glass on the market. Our cellars are custom-made to guard your precious collection of high-quality wines.

  • Our glass wine cellar walls protect your wines from UV rays.
  • They are completely airtight to help your wine age as it should under the right conditions.
  • We offer multiple configuration and customization options.
  • Our wine cellar glass doors and walls offer a clean, clear, aesthetic look.
  • The thermal resistance of our frameless glass wine cellar doors and walls is higher than the competition’s.

Want to Convert an Unused Space into a Stunning Glass Wine Cellar?

Let us take you through all the possibilities and options for your wine cellar.

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How thick is the glass for the wine cellar?

Usually glass used for wine cellars is half an inch thick and is designed for maximum refrigeration and humidification benefits.

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How much does a small wine cellar cost?

The cost will depend on your requirements and the area required. Contact us for a free quote and estimate.

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Does a wine cellar increase my home’s resell value?

Yes, it does.

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