Stunning Bathtub Glass Enclosures in Toronto

Beautiful and transformative, bathtub glass enclosures are a sleek statement. Shower Lagoon offers a complete line of bathtub glass shower enclosures, including frameless bathtub doors, bathtub glass panels, glass tub enclosures, and custom bathtub glass doors. Get standard, ready to-install bathtub glass enclosures, but if you need complete customization, that’s available too. We have it all in our collection, from fixed panel screens to hinged panel bathtub enclosures, the single door sliding tub enclosures, and double panel bathtub screens. They’re a great way to decorate or renovate your shower stall.

Add a sleek statement with bathtub glass enclosures. Choose from a wide range of glass styles to make your space unique. Stylish enclosures in bathrooms increase its functionality and make it look spacious.

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Get Frameless Bathtub Doors & Panels

Install beautiful frameless and sliding bathtub glass doors & panels in Toronto from Shower Lagoon. Our best-in-class equipment, combined with the latest technology, adds a modern touch to your bathroom. Each design has a unique look and feel. Every enclosure is custom-made just for you. You get to select the type of glass, towel bar, handle, finger pull, or knob you desire. We can even sandblast any design you choose directly into the shower glass! Our expert designers are ready to help you pick the bathtub door design that best suits your style and needs.

Enjoy Custom Bathtub Enclosures

Shower Lagoon takes pride in saying that all of our bathtub enclosure designs are nothing short of spectacular. Our in-house technicians carefully plan each design to ensure every customer gets what they want. Some look for swinging glass doors while others prefer splash guards or spray screens. Others look for the glass to go all the way up to the ceiling, creating a dramatic look. Let us know what you prefer and we will start working on a design we know you will love.

Shower Lagoon, Leaders in the Glass Industry

With over 20 years of experience in offering glass products in Toronto, we offer only the best in terms of prices, quality, and experience. Here’s why,

  • Get glass instalments, customization and replacement at the best prices in Toronto and the GTA alongside a free estimate
  • Dedicated and prompt customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure our client’s requirements are met.
  • Choose from our extensive selection of glass and hardware options.
  • Precise measurement for the most accurate fittings, by expert installers.
  • High-quality products and design that ensures accessibility and durability.
We go above and beyond to ensure our client’s requirements are met.


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1. Are bathtub glass enclosures hard to clean?

They’re very easy to clean. With glass, it’s easy to detect where there are spots, which is helpful for the user. To prevent any buildup or discolouration, wipe away any water after use.

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2. What type of glass is used for glass enclosures?

The product most commonly used is tempered glass. It goes through the heating and rapid cooling that makes it much more durable than annealed glass.

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3. Why should we use bathtub glass enclosures?

Installing a glass enclosure over a bathtub adds an aesthetic touch to any bathroom. It also stops water from damaging the floor, is low maintenance and easy to clean, and the chances of mould or mildew build-up are low.

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4. Which glass is better: acid-etched or sandblasted glass?

Acid-etched glass is perfect for complex, decorative designs. It creates a distinctive, smooth, satiny appearance that gives a frosted look. It’s less prone to fingerprints than sandblasted glass and is usually more affordable.

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5. Does a frameless shower enclosure leak?

High water pressure, incorrect placement of the showerhead, and improperly installed curbs can cause leaking near the door but not near stationary glass panels, which are sealed and watertight.

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