Bathtub Glass Enclosures Toronto

Shower Lagoon sells many different styles of functional and stylish frameless glass enclosures for bathtubs. Our installers are committed to delivering top quality workmanship in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

A Shower Lagoon glass bathtub enclosure is one component in a beautiful bathroom renovation. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the latest technology, adds a modern touch to your bathroom. There are many types of bathtub enclosures for small and large bathrooms. They’re a great way to renovate your shower stall or build it for the first time. They come in a wide array of styles to match your budget, decor and taste. Shower Lagoon’s modern glass bathtub enclosures are built with tempered glass to guarantee maximum durability.


Providers of Bathtub Glass Enclosures in Toronto

Are you looking for quality glass bathtub enclosures, modern designs and installation all in one place? As one of the leading providers of glass doors and enclosures in Toronto, Shower Lagoon offers the best deals on stylish and sturdy bathtub enclosures. Trust us for the best quality materials with an assurance of long-lasting style and luxury. We also provide custom-cut glass to fit your shower perfectly and seal the edges after the final installation. What sets Shower Lagoon apart is our experience and attention to detail. Our job is to ensure that your bathtub enclosure is installed neatly so you enjoy the maximum level of comfort and convenience.

Our Recommendation for Frameless Glass Bathtub Enclosures

Our expert team creates seamless glass enclosures that make your bathroom appear bigger. Trust the experts for flawless installations, because an badly-fitted glass shower can ruin the beauty of your bathroom, while also causing leakage.

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    Fantastic Bathroom
    Glass Upgrades

    A frameless glass bathtub enclosure is the perfect addition to any bathroom renovation. Even a simple enclosure can make a huge difference in terms of style and functionality.

    Effective Water

    Good quality glass enclosures come with a better sealant to prevent water leakage. Lack of a proper sealant can damage everything from the floor and walls to other surfaces, while the chances of slip-and-fall accidents are reduced.

    A Wide Range
    of Designs

    Glass enclosures come in various designs to give your bathroom a contemporary look. Stylish enclosures give your bathroom a simple makeover, to increase its functionality and make it look spacious.

    Installation Within
    Your Budget

    At Shower Lagoon, we want our customers to get the bathtub enclosure that best suits their bathroom. That's why we offer multiple variants so that you can stick to your preferences and budget.

    Frameless Glass Bathtub
    Enclosures Explained

    Your bathtub is a central part of your bathroom that can make or break its design. If you want to make your bathroom more convenient, while also increasing its functionality and aesthetic value, you could renovate your entire bathroom, or you can simply add a frameless glass bathtub enclosure to save you the trouble and expense.

    Are Frameless Glass
    Bathtub Enclosures Safe?

    Made from 100% safe tempered glass, frameless enclosures are worth the investment. We also provide durable and compatible hardware to ensure that it’s sturdy enough to endure frequent usage.

    Why Choose Us

    We have been operating in the glass industry for more than 20 years. Here are some of the reasons why wand lead the market in experience and quality service.

    • We identify our clients’ needs to guarantee their 100% satisfaction.
    • Our bathroom enclosures are the industry leader in entry design to facilitate smooth access in and out of the tub.
    • All fixed glass panels come with a pivoting door that includes a self-lift option.
    • To satisfy our clients’ needs, our products are made with the best quality materials.

    We always go that extra mile to take care of our clients by performing above and beyond their expectations.


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    Installing a bathtub glass enclosure has many benefits. It makes your bathroom aesthetically appealing and adds to your home's resale value. Your bathroom will also feel more luxurious and welcoming so give it the facelift it deserves! Contact us for a free quote.

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