Stunning Single Panel Shower Glass in Toronto

Bring home durable, efficient, and attractive single panel glass shower in Toronto at affordable prices. They combine a sleek elegance with a modern and minimalist style that lasts many years while needing minimal maintenance. Plus, since there are no frames attached, so you don’t need to worry about metal, plastic, fibre or rubber hardware detracting from the overall design. It also offers privacy, water-tight seals, and easy access into the shower area.
Whether you are designing a bathroom from scratch or rebuilding an existing one, our frameless single panel shower glass doors are a great way to embrace and enhance the minimalist design. And while many homeowners may think it comes with a hefty price tag, our products can be paired with a variety of features that add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Moreover, we only use tempered glass for our products, ensuring you and your family enjoy a durable yet functional single panel shower door for years to come.
At Shower Lagoon, our team is committed to ensuring our clients make smart purchasing decisions which is why we only recommend products that will be a good fit for your space.

The Benefits of Single Panel Shower Doors

Single panel glass shower doors offer a modern design aesthetic that can adhere to the ever-evolving requirements of homeowners. They create a sense of spaciousness without any hardware to create visual obstructions. Single and fixed panel shower glass doors are low maintenance and the clear glass doesn’t stain. Plus, since you have access to the whole glass, it will be much easier to clean. Here are some reasons why choosing single panel glass shower doors from us is a good idea:

  • Our single panel glass shower doors can be customized to any size.
  • Our products offer a tight seal and prevent water from leaking into the bathroom.
  • The transparent and seamless panels diffuse light and make the bathroom appear larger.
  • Our panels can be engraved or frosted for added privacy.
  • They are available in a wide range of options.
Single Panel Shower Glass

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What kind of glass is used in a single panel glass shower door?

All of our glass products, including single panel glass shower doors, are made using tempered/toughened glass which is manufactured in a controlled manner. Plus, chemicals are used to increase its strength compared to regular glass.

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How much does a single panel glass shower door weigh?

Typically, the weight is around 5 pounds per square foot. The best way to calculate how much your system weighs is to multiply the height by the width (in feet) and multiply by 5.

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How will the glass panel be secured to the bathroom?

Our products come with a guide on how to securely attach them. However, you can also get in touch with our installation experts for more information.

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