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Shower Lagoon’s sliding glass doors are slick in appearance and smooth in operation. We never compromise on quality, so you can be confident that the elegant and durable doors offered at our showroom are made with the best grades of tempered glass and the most up-to-date technology. When it comes to renovating your home or workplace, we offer sliding glass doors with or without frames and can provide samples of our products to help you make a decision. Visit our showroom to find space-saving, useful, and aesthetically-pleasing solutions.

Your home will instantly look modern and sophisticated when you replace traditional doors with sliding glass ones where feasible. Maintaining them is also simple as they don’t trap dirt and their surface is easy to clean with minimal effort. And their glass is much more durable than it appears. The best-quality tempered glass is used to make the highest-quality product without compromise. These doors help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. They also maximize your home’s insulation to help you save on energy bills.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are elegant, fashionable, and more than a functional element of your home. They have rails on which the doors or panels glide. Single, double, and even triple-track sliding doors are available. But are sliding doors the best option for your home? Check through this list of sliding door benefits to see why they’re worth the expense.

  • Sliding glass doors are a safer option than regular doors.
  • They can operate without a hinge to save space as you don’t need an extra panel.
  • They are a beautiful, simple, and sleek addition to any home, office, or store.
  • Sliding glass doors allow natural light to flow into the room.
  • Sliding doors with aluminum seals and fixed leaves ensure better privacy and safety.

Make Your Dream Bathroom A Reality

Want to redesign your bath space? Contact Shower Lagoon, one of Canada's best-known and experienced shower glass firms. Our prices are very competitive, and we offer the best products in terms of looks and functionality.

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How big is a typical sliding glass door?

Most sliding glass doors are roughly 5 to 6 feet wide and about 6.5 feet tall in a two-panel configuration.

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What should I look for when buying a sliding glass door?

You should make sure that it is energy efficient and easy to clean.

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Can you replace the glass in a sliding glass patio door?

We are happy to service our products. If your door requires a repair, please contact us.

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