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16th June, 2021

Patio owners are familiar with spending cool nights and hot summer days with their loved ones outside. But patios are at the mercy of external elements throughout the year. Hence,

18th May, 2021

Working with limited bathroom space can be a challenge. This means making the most of every available square inch, without sacrificing on aesthetics. Attaining this perfect balance

4th May, 2021

Frameless shower doors are defined by their lack of metal hardware and framing. They are made from thick tempered glass for durability and functionality, since they don’t have a

6th April, 2021

A glass railing isn’t merely a safety feature. Done right, it can make a real style statement and add value to your property. Whatever your home decor theme — traditional, rust

6th April, 2021

Are you looking to add a glass shower door to your bathroom or update an existing one? If so, then you’ll need to make a few big decisions, such as the type of door and the style