Redesign with Custom Angle Shower Glass from Shower Lagoon

Upgrade your bathroom with custom angle shower glass enclosures from Shower Lagoon that increase the amount of usable space. They offer a sleek and modern appeal and their innovative design can open up your floor space. This makes them suitable for small bathrooms while also offering a stylish element that adds to the overall decor. They have a minimalist design and come in a wide range of sizes ensuring homeowners with budget or space constraints can find something perfect for their space. And, while you can select clear glass for the neo-angle shower panel, you can also choose from a wide range of textures and patterns. Their minimalist design makes cleaning them simple as there is minimal hardware required for their installation. So there’s a smaller chance that your shower area will harbour mould or mildew, making it a safer alternative than traditional bathroom enclosures.

Shower Lagoon provides amazing custom angle shower glass that is suitable for either small or large spaces. With our range of products, you can maximize space and rest assured knowing we only use high-quality materials. You can also choose from a wide selection of hardware that will add to the custom appearance of the space.

Benefits of Custom Neo Angle Shower Glass

Shower Lagoon’s custom angle shower glass enclosures ensure that water stays within the shower area while adding a sense of elegance and beauty to your bathroom. Our products are valuable to home improvement investments that come in numerous configurations to fit bathrooms of any shape and/or size. You can also work with our team to determine which option will provide the look you want. Other reasons you should choose us are:

  • Our products’ minimalist design means there are fewer places for mould and deposits to accumulate.
  • Upgrading your bathroom won’t require extensive work and other renovation work will be optional.
  • Our custom neo-angle shower glass enclosures can add style to bathrooms of any size.
  • There’s a wide variety of styles and sizes to ensure you find something to suit your requirements.
  • Customization means homeowners can find something perfect to upgrade their bathroom.

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Redesign your bathroom with stunning custom neo-angle glass from Shower Lagoon. Want to know how? Get in touch with our professionals.

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How can I determine whether this is the best option for my bathroom?

If you are unsure whether a custom neo-angle shower glass enclosure is the right fit for your bathroom, speak to our experts. They will listen to your requirements and recommend suitable products.

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Are there many styling options?

Certainly! You can choose whether the door opens to the left or right, the finish, hardware design, colour, and etching.

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Does it have to be installed in a corner?

Yes. The nature of the neo-angle glass shower enclosure design makes it suitable for corner installation as there are two tiled walls and three angles on the base.

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