Add Style to Your Property with Exterior Glass

Glass offers a clean and modern look to any space in and around your home while making it look spacious and sophisticated. Natural sunlight penetrates outdoor glass, not only illuminating the surrounding space but also offering a clear and panoramic view of the landscape. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t get discoloured or distorted over time. And with our superior-quality glass, you can have magnificent and long-lasting exterior glass structures like glass patio fences, modern glass balconies, and exterior glass railings in Toronto. You can find a variety of state-of-the-art exterior glass products at Shower Lagoon.

From dramatic temperature swings to direct sunlight, our exterior glass products can withstand extreme weather. And, even when they are exposed to these elements, they won’t sustain any damage, warping or alterations in appearance. So, you can rest assured knowing they will look beautiful even after being in use for a long time.

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Browse Shower Lagoon’s entire glass range to buy the products that best suit your home. If you need help selecting the right product, consult our designers for the best suggestions. We also customize products according to your unique needs.

Exterior Glass Solutions for Your Business

Shower Lagoon is devoted to providing innovative exterior glass solutions to commercial properties in Toronto. We aim to offer the best products to our clients ensuring their requirements are met while making the façade of your property look more appealing and stylish with exterior glass solutions including railing and fencing among others.

We only use high-quality glass that is unlikely to break and they are specially treated to minimize chances of injuries in case of an accident. We do our best to offer as many alternatives as possible for any commercial project and achieve high-quality results through experienced and skilled technicians.

Update Your Home with Residential Exterior Glass Products

Our exterior glass for residential applications is customized to suit the specific requirements of any property. They can add a polished appearance to any space they are installed in. Moreover, their functional and aesthetic appeal will add value to your property.

At Shower Lagoon, we care about providing reliable and trustworthy services to our clients. This is why we only use top-quality materials in our exterior glass products for residential applications. They are designed to increase your home’s security and comfort.


Shower Lagoon, Leaders in the Glass Industry

With over 20 years of experience in offering glass products in Toronto, we offer only the best in terms of prices, quality, and experience. Here’s why,

  • Get glass instalments, customization and replacement at the best prices in Toronto and the GTA alongside a free estimate.
  • Dedicated and prompt customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure our client’s requirements are met.
  • Choose from our extensive selection of glass and hardware options.
  • Precise measurement for the most accurate fittings, by expert installers.
  • Top-notch and affordable installation services.
  • High-quality products and design that ensures accessibility and durability.
We can answer all your questions, from purchasing to installation, and beyond.


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1. What type of glass is best for exterior doors?

Tempered glass is the best option for exterior doors because it is safest. You can use insulated glass for energy efficiency but it is not the safest option.

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2. Which glass is best for balcony railings?

If you use your balcony extensively, tempered glass is the best option. When used with the right fittings, it is a safe and sturdy option.

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3. What type of glass is the strongest?

Tempered glass is the strongest of all and is often recommended for safety purposes. Laminated glass is also durable and safe since it doesn’t shatter when broken and stays in its frame.

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4. Does Shower Lagoon do installations as well?

Yes, we offer products that we also properly fit and install.

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5. Does Shower Lagoon offer quality assurances?

Yes. Our products are of the highest quality and we provide quality assurances.

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    Customer Experience

    It’s our primary objective to give our customers the best possible experience. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions or queries you may have and we offer insight on construction strategies too.



    We use high-quality tempered glass for our glass products which are crack and scratch-resistant. Their waterproof feature makes them safe and enhances the beauty of the property.



    We offer complete customization on our glass products. From glass replacement to installation, we tailor everything as per your preferences


    Competitive Prices

    We advocate fair prices on all our products and services. So, you can select one that fits your requirements and budget. We work closely with our customers to find custom solutions.

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