Corner Shower Glass Enclosures in Toronto

Shower glass products create a unique style statement. Corner shower glass enclosures especially can transform a mundane, older bathroom space into a modern one. Shower Lagoon provides superior corner shower glass enclosures in Toronto and the GTA. We never compromise on quality and always use simple but elegant designs, while ensuring that our products and services are available at competitive prices. Corner shower glass is both durable and easy to maintain. For a sophisticated look, you can opt for frosted and opaque glass types.

When it comes to installation, Shower Lagoon’s professionals have the expertise and technology to do it perfectly. We will also clearly communicate with the client regarding the approximate time it will take to complete their corner shower glass installation.(This will vary according to your requirements and be assessed after a free in-home consultation.)Our corner shower glass enclosures can be customized with either framed or frameless glass types. With its minimalist design, this shower glass fits easily into the corner of your bathroom, leaving more room for the dry area.

Advantages of Corner Shower Glass Enclosures

Hygiene is important in any bathroom, and using a corner shower glass enclosure helps effectively maintain proper hygiene. These enclosures are sealed tight so as not to allow water to seep into the rest of your bathroom. This prevents moisture retention in the rest of your bathroom which can act as a breeding ground for mould. Shower Lagoon also considers the maintenance factor, so our products require a minimal amount of care and attention to maintain their quality. Regular cleaning is suggested but will not consume much of your time. Our superior product design makes maintenance effortless.

  • Corner shower glass panels add more space to your bathroom.
  • Our products are of great quality and come in a variety of design options.
  • Our corner shower glass enclosures can be customized to perfectly fit your space.
  • We follow all industry installation standards.


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1. For what type of bathroom is a corner shower glass enclosure best suited?

Corner shower glass enclosures are a good option for symmetrical bathrooms, especially smaller ones. This will help the dry area seem more spacious.

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2. Is the glass used in shower glass enclosures durable?
Yes, itis heat-treated in a controlled environment to increase itsdurability. This toughens the glass and guarantees a longer lifespan than regular glass.
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3. Should I provide you with the measurements for a custom-made enclosure?
No. We can take care of that for you. Just book an in-home consultation and leave that job to our experts. Call us at 905-265-1476.

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