Important Things You Should Know About Building Walk-In Showers

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you are probably also thinking of converting from a shower over the tub to a walk-in shower. Though installing a new shower may seem like a simple task, it isn’t the case. There are numerous things you should consider before making this upgrade. However, with proper planning, wise material choices and thoughtful space planning, you can build the perfect walk-in shower for your bathroom. Here are a few points you should reflect on before deciding to have a walk-in shower installed in your home.

  1. Consider Construction Costs

Normally, installing a walk-in shower in a bathroom requires breaking the walls to access the plumbing, rebuilding the walls with moisture-resistant drywall, and installing drains. You might also need to move the pipes to accommodate the sprays and showerhead. Lastly, the walls need to be re-tiled or waterproofed in some other way. These can be quite expensive and burn a hole in your pocket and may even result in you exceeding your planned budget. This is why it’s important for you to plan on a budget before starting to work your remodelling project as this will help you have a control over how much you are spending.

  1. Always Review Your Options

Shower Lagoon - Always Review Your Options

Generally, prefab shower kits come in a specific dimension and are available as a shower pan, one-piece stalls and also as customizable units. However, if you are looking for a custom look, it’s better to build your new walk-in shower from scratch as this ensures you get the shower enclosure you want. You also have the advantage of being able to opt for a wet-room style shower space or have a stylish frameless shower enclosure installed allowing you to enjoy your shower space like never before.

  1. Be Smart with the Space

Shower Lagoon - Be Smart with the Space

Once you have decided that you want a walk-in shower in your bathroom, make sure there is enough space for it. There should be a minimum of 32 inches of space between the enclosure and the other fixtures. A walk-in shower should supply no less than 36X36 inches of space for every person using the space. So, if two people are supposed to use the space at the same time, double the space allotted. You should also keep in mind that if your walk-in shower enclosure door has a hinged door, there should be at least 30 inches of clearance space for the door to swing open easily.

  1. Think About Functional Forms

Shower Lagoon - Think About Functional Forms

A customized walk-In shower can be made to take on any shape that your budget and space permits. In case of a small bathroom, it’s best to have a frameless glass shower enclosure installed as it allows the eyes to move through the space freely and also lets light in. Some other great options include knee walls that are topped with frosted glass and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Both these designs promote the user’s privacy without blocking out any light.

  1. Pick Out Stylish Surfaces

Shower Lagoon - Pick Out Stylish Surfaces

You can give your shower enclosure floors and walls a fashionable spin by incorporating solid surfacing in the design such as quartz slabs or marble, stone, glass or river-rock. Using a jazzy design on the shower wall tiles can take it from drab and boring to a fine-art status. However, if you are at capacity to stretch your budget, use field tiles and create a background for inlaid and colourful borders or bands which have been crafted from other more expensive tiles.

  1. Think About Accessibility

Choosing a low threshold shower or a curbless shower allows your loved ones to enter and exit the shower area with ease, be it children or seniors. You should also think about the entrance of the shower area, whether you want to keep it undressed or install a frameless glass door to give your bathroom a light and elegant look. Also, take into consideration whether the door should have an outward swing or inward as this will determine where the other fixtures will be installed so they don’t collide with each other every time you open or close the door.

Investing your time and money in a new shower can be an exciting experience once you have picked out a perfect design. Your next job is to have it installed and get your bathroom ready. All you need is to contact a professional with rich experience in installing frameless glass shower doors and other types of glass shower enclosures.

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