How to Utilize Hardware for the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

The current industry, manufacturing and dealing with bathroom accessories, is constantly upgrading itself to stay trendy. Behind all the contemporary designs, goes a lot of extensive research. A simple shower door like fixture is not sufficient enough to give you the satisfaction you seek. For those who prefer luxury and convenience, a frameless shower enclosure is a blessing. You may feel overwhelmed with all the latest trends in interior décor, but it is best to start with the most important area of your home, the bathroom. Not only is it an essential area to keep updated, but it is the best place to start. When you choose to install a glass shower door in your home, however, you will require a few important pieces of hardware.

How to Utilize Hardware for the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

Type of Hardware You Need

Transforming your bathroom into a beautiful space with glass shower doors is a smart move. Door handles will make it easy for you to exit and enter the shower. Towel bars are another important part when it comes to most glass door designs. In order to keep the door fixated in one place, glass hinges are your best option. There are choices of material in hardware as well, which includes brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome. You will find a wide variety of beautiful, decorative hardware pieces in the market. To save you the confusion, this blog will provide you with information on the type of hardware you need to get the most benefits out of your beautiful glass shower enclosure in your Toronto home. You can choose from products like sliding shower door kits, clamps and brackets, pulls, knobs, wipes and seals, and designer bathroom accessories too.

Installation Criteria for Header-Free Enclosure

This is a must-have for anyone who prefers the “frameless” substitute to the regular bathroom enclosures. There are a few criteria for the header-free enclosure if you want to utilize the hardware in a more efficient way.

• Using a half inches or 12mm glass on a fixed plane is a must. The door hinges from this panel.
• The glass fixed panel cannot be more than 22”, or 559mm wide, and must not be more than 84” o 2.134 m long.
• The door glass may be 5/16” (16 mm), 3/8” (10 mm), or 1/2” (12 mm) in thickness. But eventually, the thickness of the panel doesn’t matter, because both the thin and thick panels will stick to the wall and they both will get the job done.
• The door cannot be more than 31 inches, or 787 mm wide, and heavier than 100 pounds (45 kg) either.
• The number of brackets used on the wall and on the glass-to-glass hinges needs to be the same.
• The hinge can only be used on a fixed panel that is fixated on a vertical wall. You must not hinge one fixed panel to another panel.
• There should be a good amount of ground support to the fixed panel, from which the door is going to hinge.
• When looking to renovate, always go for a seamless one-piece wall panel system instead of the ones that are jointed. You can get them even if you have a very long wall. There are continuous panels available for walls longer than 60”.

Types of Shower Door Hinges

There are various types of shower door hinges available in the market, like Vienna, Cologne, and Prima series hinges.

1. Vienna and Cologne Series Hinge

The Vienna and Cologne series hinges do not differ much internally, but only in terms of their plate styles.

• There are two pins strategically placed so you can use the hinge like a mouse-ear. This is a safety precaution to prevent any slip.
• The glass needs to be 10 to 12 mm thick.
• They are made of solid brass.
• The hinge should be able to swing 90 degrees inward and outward.
• Most custom hardware, not just hinges, come in more than 20 unique shades to give you a more personalized finish.
• They come with gaskets, screws, and glass fabrication details.

2. Geneva and Pinnacle Series Hinge

You get three different categories of wall mount hinges when you choose Geneva hinges for your glass shower doors along with three glass-to-glass models as well. Geneva and Pinnacle series hinges are very similar to each other too with respect to their internal mechanism but have a distinct style of plates. There are reversible pivot pins in them to allow the option of 5° door closing.

• The glass thickness for these types of hinges can be 8, 10, and 12 mm.
• These are made of solid brass too.
• They swing 90° inward as well as outward and can centre themselves when they are within the range of 15° of the closed position.
• They include gaskets, screws, and come with glass fabrication details too.

Glass Shower Handles, Towel Bars and Robe Hooks

There are different styles of these beautiful accessories available, that will complement your interiors. Even the smallest of details, like the size, shape and colour of the handles and the towel bars, can make your glass shower enclosure stand out. Towel bars come in single-sided, back-to-back, and towel bar/pull combination. There are choices in door pulls and knobs as well, along with handles, and grab bars. Robe hooks can have single-sided or double-sided configurations according to your requirement.

Knobs and Pulls

Knobs and pulls provide you with a customized unique feel in your frameless shower enclosure. You can choose from a variety of single-sided traditional knobs, back-to-back traditional knobs, solid glass doorknob to name a few. Privacy door knobs are the best for bedrooms and bathrooms. They come with a locking mechanism for privacy and have a hole on the other side to unlock it in case of emergency. This is very different from exterior entry door hardware.

Sliding Door Kits

You can convert your bathtub into a shower, to increase the functionality of your bathroom, with the help of sliding door kits. You can do this in two ways;

a) The traditional metal door jambs
b) The all-glass modern look with clear door jambs.

You can choose the material from a variety of options like chrome, brass, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze finish.

Proper decorative hardware is a great way to add poise to you designer glass shower doors. You can get these in bulks by contacting a prominent frameless glass door hardware supplier in Canada. Shower Lagoon, has the perfect solutions for your needs without being a pocket pinch.

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