Shower Lagoon Sources and Provides Premium Hardware from C. R. Laurence

If you have a door or railing that isn’t functioning properly, a quick update can restore its operation. Choose Shower Lagoon for your frameless shower glass, bathtub glass enclosures, and glass railing and entrance requirements. We provide heavy-duty hardware sourced from C. R. Laurence, a full-service provider of glass fittings and architectural metals. We offer prompt and expert service on glass doors and railings, and you can choose from a wide range of options to ensure you find a fresh and fashionable update.

We will install any type of glass door and railing system hardware for you, and our team of experts can ensure your space looks just as you imagined it to be. Whether you choose framed or unframed options, we will take measurements, provide a quote, and install the product in a hassle-free manner. With our services, your doors and railing systems will offer security while functioning properly, no matter where they are located.

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#21 Wall Mount Standard Hinge
#20 135 Degree Glass-to-Glass Hinge
#19 Stainless Steel Glass Pivot
#18 Stainless Stee Glass Clamp
#17 Floor Mounted Door Closers
#16 Fixed Size Overhead Closers
#15 Solid glass door knob
#14 Back-to-Back Traditional Knobs
#13 Single-Sided Traditional Knobs
#12 Single-Sided Contemporary Knobs
#11 Back-to-Back Contemporary Knobs
#10 SQ” Series Combination 6″ Pull Handle 18″ Towel Bar
#9 Series back-to-back towel bar
#8 Pull handle/towel bar
#7 Back-to-back towel bar
#6 Single Sided towel Bar
#5 CRL Chrome Cologne Shower Pull and Hinge Set
#4 CRL Vienna Hinge and Handle Set
#3 CRL Pinnacle Hinge and Handle Set
#2 CRL Geneva Hinge and Knob Set
#1 CRL Geneva Hinge and Handle Set

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