The Benefits of Converting a Bathtub into a Shower

A tub-to-shower-conversion may be exactly what you need, whether you’re looking to increase the functionality of your bathroom by removing the tub or simply to re-design it. Whatever the reason, know that tub-less bathrooms are generally more practical which is why they are a desirable option for many homeowners. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of a bath to shower conversion and judge for yourself if it’s the right option for your home.

  • Easy maintenance

Nobody enjoys spending too much time scrubbing the tub in their bathroom. Having a shower instead of a bath will save you a lot of time which you can then utilise to do other tasks. Walk-in showers have fewer gaps for mildew, moisture and mould to build-up. This also allows you to say goodbye to having to scrub nasty rings caused by build-ups on the bottom of your tub.

  • Bigger floor space

If you have a small bathroom, a tub-to-shower conversion can provide an effective solution to your space needs. Showers take up much less space and you also have the option of selecting a style which suits your needs and taste. For example, a neo-angle shower can be chosen and installed in a corner space of the bathroom, which can free up more of the floor space for other things you might want to utilise it for. An added benefit of this is also the fact that you can move around freely without bumping into any other bathroom fixtures or accessories.

  • Better accessibility

For individuals with mobility issues, it’s bound to be difficult stepping over a high-walled bathtub. Converting your tub into a shower can help with accessibility needs as you literally just walk into the shower instead of having to step into the bathtub. This means slipping and tripping hazards are removed for pregnant women, elderly or anyone else who may have difficulty getting around by themselves.

  • Updated look for comfort

Replacing your outdated and rusty tub with a new shower has the ability to completely transform the look of your bathroom. Most shower remodelling projects can be completed within as little as a couple of days, enabling you to give your bathroom a new life in virtually no time. A new shower will also be designed keeping your comfort in mind. This is sure to enhance your bathing experience even further.

  • Rejuvenated routine

Tired of the same routine day in and day out? A tub-to-shower conversion may just be the thing you need. Taking a shower instead of a bath every day will save you a lot of time which you can utilise to finish other tasks.

A bathroom re-modelling project is overwhelming for most people. However, it can give your bathroom a new life and will also add valuable safety benefits to your home. Installing the right fixtures and fittings can convert your bathroom into one of the favourite places in your house.