Important Factors to Note to Get the Best Glass Balcony Railings

A balcony with a beautiful view is wasted if its railings blocks the view. Glass railings for the balcony are a sleek and sophisticated architectural marvel that allows an open and uninterrupted view of the outside world. Contrary to the common misconceptions, high-quality tempered glass railings are safe and durable. If you are wondering how to incorporate glass balcony railings effectively, this post is a complete guide consisting of ingenious tips which will help you to choose the right design best suited for your home.

Types of Glass Railings

There are different types of glass railings based on the design, material, and method of installation. The following are the most widely available types that you will come across:

• Frameless glass railings

Frameless glass railings

This is your best choice when you have a picturesque view to boast of. This design features glass deck panels which do not have a frame border. There are no visible supportive structures that will hamper your view. This is the most popular choice for balconies, decks, and terraces because of its uninterrupted design. The glass panels are firmly held in place with a clamp post system, base screens, and frameless windscreen clamp systems.

• Framed glass railings

Framed glass railings

Many homeowners who prefer maintaining some conventionality in their décor and want sturdier looking architecture opt for the framed glass railings. The only difference between the framed and frameless glass railings is the visible framing of the glass, complete with handrails and stainless-steel cable posts. They do not look as sleek but is a more preferred choice when you have children and pets at home and wish to minimize the chances of accidents while keeping up with modern architecture trends.

• Tempered glass railings

Tempered glass is hardened with heat and is at least six times stronger than conventional glass. They are resistant to scratches, and harder to break. If they do shatter, the shards are much smaller and blunter which minimize the risk of injury. Modern-day glass railings and glass doors are mostly made from tempered glass. Again, this is a popular choice among homeowners who prioritize the safety above all.

Advantages to Consider

Apart from the aesthetics and uninterrupted view, glass railings have various advantages that play a major role behind its popularity. Some of these are:

• Negligible maintenance required

Unlike other decking materials, glass is much easier to maintain and does not require finishing and re-painting to protect it from the continuous exposure to outside elements.

• Wind blocking

Glass railings are made with full panels of glass which is very helpful in wind blocking. It also traps the warmth inside the house, making it suitable for homes in a cooler climate.

• No rusting

None of the components like the clamps or cable posts used for installing glass railing will corrode or get rusted over time as they are made from high-quality stainless steel.

• Secured

The solid and thick panel of glass which is hardened and nearly unbreakable is much safer than typical balcony railings unless it is shattered by force. Since there is very little gap without any footholds or balusters, it is a safer choice for homeowners with pets and children.

• Easier to install

Installing any type of glass railing is easy as there is no need for digging or any preparatory work. Since installation is easy, the installation time is also reduced.

• Aesthetically appealing

The overall design is chic and elegant which allow you the maximum visibility of the surrounding vicinity

Drawbacks to Consider

Despite the numerous advantages, there are some potential drawbacks. A major drawback of glass railing is the higher expense compared to conventional wooden railing. Moreover, the installation of glass railings must be customized and accurately measured so that it firmly fits. The design of glad balcony is such that it eliminates any other material which means your previous railing system must be completely replaced to accommodate the modification.

Requirement criteria

Once you are familiar with the advantages and drawbacks, consider your personal requirements before you choose the glass railing design. Glass railing experts can advise you best on this and keeping in mind the following factors will make it easier to discuss the priorities you have.

• State’s building code

There are certain safety and building regulation codes set by the state and these can vary from one province to another. Consult your glass railing experts while choosing the design to ensure you are adhering to the specific building regulations of your locality.

• Privacy needs

Your flexibility regarding privacy will determine the choice of glass texture and the overall design of the railing. If you want to maintain maximum privacy on your property, frosted glass finishes and thicker railings will let you enjoy the sophistication of glass but protect your privacy significantly.

• Pets and children

When you have toddlers and pets at home, you will need the most secure design available. Exterior railings are usually higher than interior ones and the material should be chosen with care to avoid accidents.

• Maintenance

Maintenance is a headache that many homeowners wish to avoid. While railings and glass sliding doors require minimal maintenance, a certain amount of cleaning is unavoidable. Select glass textures which are easier to clean for this reason.

A balcony looks attractive when guarded by glass railings instead of conventional concrete, wood, PVC or metal ones. If you have been contemplating a balcony upgrade for a while, the factors mentioned above can help you decide the best for your home. For any guidance, there are many glass railing experts with whom you can discuss your requirements and options.