Shower Glass: Properties and Uses of Common Types

Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom with a new glass shower enclosure? Be sure to pay attention to every detail, including your choice of shower glass. There are many different types available based on your desired style, budget, amount of privacy and ease of maintenance.

Choosing the right one, though, can be tedious if you don’t know what makes each unique.

To help out, we’ve compiled a list of the types of shower glass along with their properties and uses.

Different Types of Shower Glass

The most popular types of shower glass are:

  • ● Low-Iron/Extra Clear Glass
  • ● Textured Glass
  • ● Float or Annealed Glass

Let’s take a look at the characteristics that make each one useful.

Low-Iron/Clear Glass

This translucent material allows for maximum light transmission and makes your bathroom appear more spacious. Low iron glass doesn’t divide the room into sections nor does it need any glass “wall” to encase the shower.

Clear Glass in Bathrooms

Why Choose Clear Glass?

Space Enlargement

One of the primary reasons to choose clear glass is its open design which makes your bathroom appear larger and less cluttered. Since there’s no glass wall needed, it offers full visibility from inside and outside the shower.

Room Brightening

Since it allows light to easily get in, clear glass brightens the space, especially if your bathroom has windows. Without any obstruction, the abundance of light also makes the ambience of your shower more open.

Modern and Trendy Designs

Clear shower glass boasts the most popular and trendy designs. It suits every type of bathroom interior and can easily transform less-stylish decor into something modern. If you’re thinking of completely renovating your bathroom, clear glass is your best choice. You can rest assured knowing that your clear glass shower enclosure will stay stylish for years.

Easy Maintenance

One of the perks of clear glass shower doors is their ease of maintenance. They do show smudges and fingerprints easily but spotting them isn’t hard and a standard commercial window cleaner is all you need to remove them.

Textured Glass

If you’re not comfortable with a completely transparent shower enclosure, you’ll find a lot of privacy options with textured glass. Popular options include frosted glass, rain glass and hammered glass, with some designs allowing more light to enter than others.

Frosted glass is manufactured using sandblasting or etching on one side of the panel to create an opaque texture. Rain glass, on the other hand, is textured on one side to allow a greater amount of light to enter. Hammered glass has a neutral greyish or bluish tint that offers privacy while allowing light to enter.

textured glass

Why Choose Textured Glass? 

More Privacy

The opacity of textured glass is preferred by homeowners who want both and privacy. Rain glass allows more privacy than frosted glass and helps create a spa-like ambience. Hammered glass, with its indentations on one side, offers the most light and the least privacy.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Unlike clear glass, textured glass shower doors don’t get smudges and fingerprints easily. Frosted glass doors, however, are harder to clean than clear glass since soap scum and dirt accumulate in the patterns. This type of glass also tends to appear cloudy or foggy even when it’s completely clean. You can clean it with a sponge and mildly abrasive cleanser, but it will take some effort. Rain glass hides fingerprints and watermarks but doesn’t trap dirt as much as frosted glass.

Float or Annealed Glass

Calcium and sodium silicate is used to manufacture float or annealed glass. For this reason, it’s also termed soda-lime glass. This glass type is used to make coated, laminated and toughened glass. The flatness, optical clarity and relative inexpensiveness of this material make it much sought after.

Why Choose Annealed Glass? 

This glass is clear and allows a high amount of light transmission. Annealed glass shower doors come in a wide colour range and customized opacity. However, when they break, the glass shatters into sharp spikes, making them dangerous.

Whether you want to install custom glass shower doors for their visual appeal or functionality, knowing which shower glass to choose is useful. Your choice of product will depend on the amount of light and privacy you want in your shower and how much effort you’re willing to put into its maintenance.

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