Towel Bars are so Common – How to Make Them Interesting

What comes to your mind on hearing the two words – “Towel Bars”? A casual plastic tiered rack or single metallic rod attached to the bathroom wall. What if you are informed that a towel holder that can be a lot more than this?

Sliding curtains and wooden doors; modern decor created a rage by using treated sturdy glass panels in clear or patterned styles. Glass not only adds distinction but gives the ease of installing panels comfortably in small spaces. This generation is fond of products which are compact yet complete.

In bathrooms upgraded with glossy tiles, multicolored lights and classy glass showers; the advent of bulky plastic towel holder and plain stainless steel rod will mar the aesthetics. Thus, the revolutionary idea is to set towel bar on glass panel to impart an interesting look.

Modern Definition of Towel Bar:

  • A towel bar is a metallic rod, installed on a glass panel to let you bask and utilize the available bathroom space in efficient ways.
  • With improved tools and techniques, it is absolutely easy to drill a hole and adjust the metallic rods using bolts.
  • The presence of protective finishing coat prevents unwanted oxidation of the metal. Thus, with some minimum maintenance you can use the towel bar for a long time.
  • The finishing touch is so lustrous that the shower component looks prim and precise.
  • Apart from letting you reach the towel with ease, within the solace of the shower; a tower bar mounted on the outside or both in and out also acts as the glass panel pulling handle.

The Popular Variants of Tower Bar

Single sided: As the name suggests, a single metallic rod is installed on the exterior of the glass panel. It helps you to pull out the glass panel for entering the shower and lets you keep your towel for quick access.

Double sided: Here two similar-sized metal rods are installed on a glass panel, precisely facing each other in back to back style. The bars used can be circular or rectangular metallic rods.

Pull handle with towel bar: Both towel bar and pull handle are installed on glass panel, with one common end joined together. The open end of the towel bar is fitted with the threaded end of the pull handle.

These metallic glass shower set-ups generally have chrome finish which makes them quite easy to clean and maintain. While specific cleaners are available in the market, you can also remove the undesired dust and marks of oxidation with a mild solution baking soda and vinegar.