Contemporary Bathroom Décor Ideas

We tend to have varied taste when it comes to bathroom design. However, more and more people are favouring contemporary style bathrooms, mainly due to their affordability. Usually, this design is a blend of minimalistic style and beautiful modern fittings. If you are considering a bathroom design for a modern home with a crisp design, minimal colour and clean lines, then a contemporary style bathroom is the best choice for you.

An advantage to creating a modern bathroom is that the products and fittings you need are relatively easy to find compared to other styles. There is a wide range of fixtures that are available, which increases the chances that they will match easier than most traditional fixtures. The experts at Shower Lagoon have prepared this guide to help you design a beautiful bathroom in your home.

Contemporary bathrooms are typically categorised into 3 styles, which allows you to choose a suitable option that is perfect for your budget and space. The different kinds are:

Minimalist Suites

  • Minimalist Suites –

    They feature a seamless design following simplistic lines and can create a look that shows that less is more.

Designer Suites

  • Designer Suites –

    They are produced by leading designers and can help bring the latest looks and trends to your bathroom.

Luxury Suites

  • Luxury Suites –

    They consist of lavish suite items that also feature the latest in modern technology.

In this article, we will go through the different features of contemporary design and discuss some key elements that make this design style what it is.

Contemporary Bathroom Decor Ideas

Create a Vision

Before you create a budget, it’s important for you to have a vision of what you are looking to accomplish. Though many consider spontaneity to be a good thing, it’s not wise when it comes to home décor. The finished bathroom may disappoint you if all of the elements don’t pull together just right. With thorough research, you can find out what matches your existing bathroom the best. Generally, people go for a complete remodel as it provides greater design options. You can also utilize pieces you already have, which will help cut costs. From colour to technology, these trends and ideas can provide with a fabulous space for years to come.

Making a Budget

If you are interested in completely remodelling your bathroom, it’s recommended that you consult and hire an expert as there is a lot to consider. Without proper knowledge, it can be difficult to deal with certain intricacies such as the electrical and plumbing system. However, if you are considering only decoration and design, you can easily turn this into a DIY project. This route will help you save money, as long as you have a basic understanding of the tasks at hand, along with a good eye for design. It can allow you to transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort.

Before starting the project, consider the financial implications of the design changes you wish to make. Next, outline a detailed budget by effectively researching the different elements you wish to buy. If you have an estimated potential cost, make sure you also consider a percentage toward contingencies because there may be certain issues that could arise during the remodelling.

Making a Colour Scheme

Similar to other living spaces in your home, colour plays an important role in the decoration of your bathroom too. People generally prefer gentle shades and hues in their bathroom to create a relaxing environment. It’s also much easier to maintain a clean space when you have minimalistic, contemporary design.

There are many ways in which patterns and colours can create a beautiful blend. Current bathroom trends suggest using warm tones like grey or a softer creamy-yellow on the walls. Blue is another popular choice being used today. Remember that it’s okay to experiment just as long as you can still present a good balance in the end. The colour is something that goes beyond the walls, cabinets and shower curtains. It should be considered when choosing accessories such as towels and robes to help reinforce the statement look you are trying to go for. Contemporary bathrooms have sleek fixtures so you should be able to find accessories which complement this look easily.

Keeping it Practical

People tend to overlook bathrooms as a space to promote comfort and liveliness. However, there are specific essential items that can be incorporated into the design. For instance, the hooks you install to hang clothing or towels, don’t necessarily have to be plain and boring. They can become a part of the complete image. In addition, baskets and racks can also add stylish accents to the bathroom. The screen or shower curtain you use also has the potential for improving the space. Lighting can also play a considerable role, therefore, you can modify the lighting and include shading or even a luxurious chandelier. If you want to achieve good results, remember that the key is to avoid settling for bland items simply because they are functional.

Incorporating a Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design is extremely popular, and the trend is expected to increase over time. Certain items like decorative handles, are being eradicated to provide a cleaner look to cabinetry. Also, many are moving towards compartmentalizing the bathroom in order to create individual zones that are dedicated to particular tasks. However, you may still have a few traditional touches in the design. Look to create a warmer environment, as this will allow you to implement ideas related to design without having to compromise on convenience.

Using Less White

Homeowners still tend to choose white for their bathroom interiors. However, many don’t explore the numerous benefits of going beyond white for both the fixtures and the walls. Some popular colours are blue, beige and different shades of grey, as they can offer visual value while allowing you to keep the space looking spotless. Designs for tiles are also shifting towards sleek and darker options, which add ideal contrasting elements. Geometrics are also likely to become big design trends that you should consider with care, however, the choice greatly depends on the taste and preference of homeowners.

Including Technology

Technology wasn’t something considered to be a part of the bathroom in the past. Today, you can have just about anything installed throughout your home. Contemporary bathrooms see an inclusion of electronics that create new experiences. There are digital shower systems which have features that allow the control of water flow and temperature control. Numerous entertainment gadgets such as speakers and TVs, are also being added to make the time spent in this space more fulfilling. There are definitely limitations to what will be available in the near future, but bathroom designs that include these features are set to become even more popular over time.

There are endless possibilities for homeowners to create and design a beautiful contemporary bathroom. It’s important to consider personal elements in your life and bring them all together by cultivating those styles into your home. Whether you decide to seek help from a professional or use DIY methods, you can inspire your next remodel following the above trends. Contact Shower Lagoon, a leading glass company in Toronto, to help you with your next remodel.

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