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Get high-quality frameless shower doors in Toronto from Shower Lagoon- your ultimate destination for bathroom hardware and customisations. We have consistently maintained our quality over the years which is why we are considered one of the best in the industry by our clients.

The luxury of your bathroom is enhanced when it is well-equipped and aesthetically appealing. A glass cubicle for bathing adds a different dimension to your bathroom while adding more value to your property. We provide some of the latest designs for glass doors that will elevate your bathroom aesthetics to the next level.

Types of Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors are becoming a more a popular choice in recent years. They are available in a variety style based on their construction:

  • Bypass doors or sliding doors- consists of two or three panels which slide past each other and are positioned on tracks at the bottom and top of the unit. They take the least amount of space and are popular for stand-alone or corner enclosures.
  • In-line shower – consists of three walls and one “inline” door. It is suitable for minimalistic home and requires minimum fixtures. They can be installed to swing both ways and fit the bathroom layout.
  • Neo-angle shower – consists of angled walls and a frameless glass door. It is perfect for asymmetrical bathrooms and is made-to-fit with exact measurements.
  • Corner shower – consists of L-shaped glass walls with an opening on one side against the wall at a corner. It can be rectangular or neo-angled, making the most of the space available at any corner of your bathroom.

You can explore ready-made designs or opt for custom made frameless glass shower doors in Toronto at our showroom. Our designers can recommend the best solutions after measuring your bathroom and analysing its fittings and pipelines.

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Types of Finish

There are different varieties of glass based on texture and density that you can choose from. The durability of frameless shower doors depends on the glass quality. Here are certain types of finish you can opt for:

  • Clear glass is the most common and is often seen in traditional bathrooms. They allow the most amount of light to pass.
  • Frosted glass is a very distinct finish and allows for optimum privacy. It imparts a smooth look that can either be solid or patterned.
  • Rain glass is a decorative pattern that mimics raindrops drizzling down the glass. It is easy to maintain as it obscures fingerprints and watermarks while providing privacy.
  • Tinted glass is used for additional privacy and can complement the colour palette of your bathroom. It can come in various earthy tints as well as black.
  • Hammered glass resembles hammered metal, having indentations on one side. The texture under light creates an interesting visual effect.

All these finishes are available in different thicknesses which let you have control over the best combination of aesthetics and functionality for your home. To get a free quote for the best shower doors call us at 1-905-265-1476 and book an appointment with our experts!

You can explore several other hardware, accessories and design ideas at our showroom. Visit us to get the best customisation for your bathroom at competitive rates!

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