How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger – A Detailed Guide

It is just as important to design and decorate your bathroom as it is the other parts of your home, and a spacious bathroom makes you feel relaxed after a long day. No matter its size, every bathroom contains a sink, faucet, shower and toilet. But with a few visual design tricks, you can create the illusion of a larger space. This blog outlines tips to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger than it is.

Guide for Bigger Bathroom Look

Simple Ways to Visually Enlarge Your Bathroom

Bright Lighting

With the proper lighting, you can make any space look wide and open. If your bathroom does not receive much natural light, it is essential to install good light fixtures. A well-lit bathroom lets you more easily shave or apply makeup. Installing multiple light sources at various points in your bathroom creates a rich lighting scheme. To prevent shadowing and brighten the area, add a stylish edge-lit mirror, sconces and a grid of ceiling lights. Or, if the space is too small to install new electrical lights, change your ceiling light to a unit with multiple bulbs. This emits light in different directions from a single fixture and fills the area with radiance.

Large Mirror

If you have a slim powder room with a tiny wall which can be covered fully by it, installing a beautiful large mirror is the perfect way to enlarge the space visually. A large custom mirror can be expensive, but compared to the price of wall tiling, it gives the same phenomenal look at a better value. It can also significantly improve the overall look of your bathroom and minimize the need for other upgrades.

Frosted or Tinted Glass Panel

If you want to brighten up your bathroom but still enjoy your privacy, replace your shower curtain (if you have one) with a frosted or tinted glass panel. This will allow light to filter through the glass and make your shower experience less claustrophobic. Once you do, your entire bathroom will be visible which gives it a larger look. Instead of installing a tub, only add a shower stall when renovating your bathroom. You can more easily get a shower stall in and out of your bathroom, but removing a bathtub permanently is difficult as it occupies a large amount of space.

Open Shelves

To add space and storage to your small bathroom, use open shelves. Customize your open shelves stylishly to show off your towels, soaps, shower gels, linens and beauty products. Space-saving vanity units are the perfect addition to a small bathroom as they provide ample storage without taking up much space. When you store necessities inside open shelves, you can reduce clutter on countertops and windowsills. This gives the entire space a neat and streamlined appearance.

White Finishes                         

Use white finishes to make your bathroom look as big and airy as possible. White bathroom fixtures like sinks, tubs and toilet are used by many homeowners. Choose white for other surfaces to create a seamless look. If you use a lot of white in your bathroom, it will not affect the essence of your interior décor. To retain its seamless appearance, use various textural elements such as tile or pale stone, moulding, and fabric accents. Go for wooden or metallic finishes to add an extravagant touch. White tiles, vanities and paints reflect available light rather than absorbing it, creating the impression of a larger space.

Clean Paint

Clean and simple paint makes your bathroom look bigger. Choose light colours such as pastel yellow or sky blue. When you use neutral shades like beige and off-white, it creates something like a black canvas that lets you do anything you want. Choose a wall without windows or doors to create a pattern using bold colours, wall decals or stencils. You can also install a shelving unit to highlight your wall feature or a shelving unit to display artwork, ornaments, and plants such as cacti or lilies. Want to add colour to your bathroom? Use furniture and accessories.

Plain Floor Tiles

Plain-coloured floor tiles are perfect for visually extending the space. If you have a tiny bathroom, do not use small tiles as grouting lines will make it look even smaller. Patterned tiles also have the same effect on the appearance of a bathroom. Thus, it is advisable to use plain tiles with a few grouting lines. To tile bathroom walls, select plain colours as patterned tiles make the area feel smaller. Use only one tile shade to give a clutter-free look to the room.

Shower Enclosures

Your bathroom may not have enough space to install both a tub and a separate shower enclosure. If you like to bathe and shower, add a combined shower enclosure. As the shower door is fitted to the wall, it will not occupy floor space. To maximize the area, install sliding or infold doors that fold in on themselves neatly rather than opening into the bathroom. The best thing about sliding doors is that they slide along rails inside the enclosure so do not encroach on the rest of your bathroom.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to transform your small bathroom into a (seemingly) larger and clutter-free space. A spacious bathroom lets you keep everything clean and in order. A few small improvements in your small bathroom will yield big returns.