9 Kinds of Glass Used in Shower Doors

Glass shower doors enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom and are created with different types of glass. The kind you choose will affect its appearance and functionality. This blog discusses the varieties available.

An Overview of the Glass Used in Shower Doors

Here’s a breakdown of the various types of glass used in shower doors:

Clear Glass

If you want to add a sophisticated touch to your shower door, standard clear glass can be the right choice. The transparency of the glass allows more light. It creates an illusion of more space which is helpful if you have a small bathroom.

Textured Glass

Are you looking for a decorative glass for your shower door? Choose textured glass. This type is available in a variety of finishes and patterns including wood, tiles and brick. When you install a textured glass shower door, the running water in a nicely illuminated area creates a mesmerizing visual effect. Textured glass also provides you with additional privacy. Plus, it doesn’t retain fingerprints.

Acid Etch Glass

If you want light yet privacy in your shower, invest in acid etch glass which manufacturers create using special techniques. As this type of glass is translucent, your silhouette appears when you shower, but your view won’t be clear because of its opaque finish. You can customize this kind of shower door as per your preferences.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is one of the safest materials to be used for shower doors. It’s manufactured by heating glass and then rapidly cooling it. It’s manufactured by heating glass and then rapidly cooling it. The technique makes it much stronger than other options. It also changes its molecular structure so that when a sheet of tempered glass breaks, it disintegrates into several small pieces that are not as sharp and dangerous as regular glass.

Tinted Glass

To add some colour to your bathroom, install a tinted glass shower door. Tinted glass is available in tones such as bronze and grey. Although not fully opaque, it provides a good amount of privacy. If your bathroom has warm, soft and earthy tones, a bronze glass shower door will give it a distinctive coppery look

Starphire Glass

If you want a crystal-clear shower door with no hints of colours, choose starphire glass. It gives a stylish look to your bathroom and complements tile or marble surface décor. Removing fingerprints from starphire glass, however, can be difficult.

Low-Iron Glass

Not surprisingly, low-iron glass contains less iron than regular glass which decreases the natural green most clear glass has. It’s also clearer and sharper than most other glass types. As low-iron glass is almost invisible, it’s also known as high-definition glass. Because of its higher visible light transference, this type of glass doesn’t warp or affect colours. If you want to show off the real colours of your shower stall, install a low-iron glass shower door.

Frosted Glass

Traditional frosted glass is a popular choice for shower doors among homeowners because of its unique texture. The soft and smooth frosted surface gives you privacy, and you can choose patterns like water drops, faux rain and other etched designs.

Rain Glass

The wonderful patterns of rain on a glass shower door will set your bathroom apart from others. Rain glass fills your shower area with soft light. One side it is patterned; the other is smooth and can be cleaned easily. This makes rain glass perfect for concealing fingerprints, water stains and other minor marks.

The entire appearance of your bathroom depends a lot on the kind of glass you select for your shower door. The above-mentioned types are popular options. Pick the one that suits your requirements and bathroom theme.