Home Decoration with Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is clear glass painted on one side and is widely used for both residential and commercial applications. When installed, the unpainted – or ‘first surface’ – side is faced outward to add a sheen to both the glass and paint colour. From glass table tops to wall panels, back painted glass can be used in various ways to spruce up your home, and this blog outlines how to do it.

Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Home with Back Painted Glass

Here are the different parts of your home where you can use this type of glass.

Living Room

Make over your living room by installing back painted glass wall panels. They’re perfect to brighten up a dull living area and are known for their strength and durability, meaning they’ll last a long time. As back painted glass wall panels remain unaffected by harmful UV rays and prevent discolouration, your repair and maintenance costs will drop. Because living rooms are more dimly lit than other parts of your house, the walls may sometimes feel like they’re closing in. But the gleaming surface of back painted wall glass panels creates the illusion of a larger space. You can get a wide range of back painted wall panels suited to your living room décor.

Dining Room

To give your dining room a new look, use back painted glass panels to enhance existing surfaces, rather than replacing furniture and fixtures. If your dining table is stained, scratched or has dings on top, add a back painted glass table to the existing surface. This makes your dining room set look new and relieves you from having to refinish it repeatedly. To hide a worn-out or hideous bar top, install a back painted glass tabletop over it in your preferred colour. It effortlessly adds a modern touch to your bar and makes your dining room look like a bistro.


Back painted glass backsplashes or island tops are widely used in kitchens to enhance the space’s overall look (they add a sparkling effect) and functionality. Backsplashes are highly durable and can be easily cleaned by applying cleaner on a soft and lint-free cloth to wipe off water, food splatter, grease and soap suds. When you maintain a fresh ambience in your kitchen, it resists stained grout, grimed tiles and peeling paint. Installing back painted glass wall panels behind kitchen countertops keeps the space clean and upgraded.

Decide the amount of space to cover in your bathroom so your hired professionals can customize the most appropriate back painted glass backsplash. They consider factors such as room dimensions, kitchen design and location of appliances when designing it.


The backsplash areas in your bathroom are prone to hairspray residue, water droplets and other forms of rough treatment. Installing a back painted glass backsplash protects the wall with durable glass that holds up to moisture and resists staining. If your bathroom walls have light switches or outlets, a backsplash won’t create complications as they can be easily customized for the perfect fit. From plain white to vibrant colours, you can add any tint to get the desired look.

Home Office

Your home office can also benefit from this type of glass. Then think about adding a modern marker board with a piece of white back painted glass attached to a wall. Back painted glass wall panels add a contemporary touch to these spaces and are easy to use and clean. Tinted glass panels are perfect for decorative purposes and add vibrancy.

Ways to Decorate a Commercial Space with Back Painted Glass

Besides residential properties, back painted or other types of glass can also be used to decorate commercial spaces. For instance, glass wall panels are an ideal way to make shops and hallways look clean and elegant, while glass shower wall panels add extravagance to hotel bathrooms. In customer or employee restrooms, backsplashes and coloured glass room dividers are used for decoration. Meanwhile, dry erase boards made from white double glass add beauty and functionality to conference and break rooms.

Back painted glass can be a great addition to various parts of your home. It’s visually appealing and transforms the look of any space. Popular residential applications of back painted glass include backsplashes, shower wall panels, glass wall panels and tabletops. Understand your requirements to customize back painted glass products and install them in your home’s favourite parts.

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