Glass Railings – Can They Boost Your Property’s Value?

Take a minute to consider the changes you can make to increase your home’s resale value. What ideas come to mind? Maybe kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, re-roofing and flooring replacement? These are common upgrades focused on by real estate agents and property appraisers. But if you want to try something unconventional, the installation of glass railings offers both style and function and will cause your property resale value to soar.

Floating glass railing

How Installation of Glass Railings Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

When buying a new property, we often think of its resale value. But that value is impacted by the way we maintain it. Installing glass railings can instantly boost your property value. But what makes glass railings so valuable? Here is a list of reasons why glass railings increase the selling price of your property.

Clear View  

Many people decorate their lawn, but what is the point if its view from the balcony is obstructed? Glass railings give a complete view of your surroundings. Whether you install them on your balcony or staircase, it will offer a wide view and let in natural light. These railing are sure to make your home’s design stand out. Glass railings combine modern and traditional looks. When used in stairs, you get unobstructed natural light. Plus, it successfully defines your balcony or stairs without resorting to concrete.

Aesthetic Value

Glass railings highlight the view from your balcony and are an excellent way to improve your property’s aesthetic value. Neutral in appearance, glass railings derive their beauty from the outdoors, especially if your home is in an alluring location.

To maintain privacy, translucent railings make the most sense. You can use clear or semi-transparent glass railings to heighten the beauty of your home. This will allow you to expect greater resale value when selling your property.


You may wonder if glass railings are a good choice if you have kids or pets. Do they break easily? Fortunately, these types of railings are made with tempered glass, also known as strengthened glass. It is unusual for tempered glass to ever break, but if it does it breaks into small blunt pieces to avoid injury. It is scientifically tested and perfectly safe for homes.

Tempered glass railings

Durability and Convenience

Glass railings are incredibly durable and have the capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. In Canada, where hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and heavy showers are not completely unknown, installing tempered glass railings on a balcony is a wise decision. They work great for outdoor patio spaces as well. Tempered glass is also easy to clean, and the wipe of a simple wet rag can keep it shiny for years.

Framed and Frameless Options

While framed glass railings popularly used to surround pools, slopes and stairways to offer a stronger grip, frameless ones are used on balconies and patios.  Both variants are elegant and convenient. The frames are often made of aluminium or steel which imparts strength and function similar to traditional balustrades.

To get the price your property deserves, you may need to liven it up. But simple kitchen redecoration and bathroom renovation is not always enough. You need to make your property stand out in the market. Installing glass railings is an innovative way to give your home an appealing look and increase its market value. Glass railings can be used on stairs, balconies, patios and even the pool area. What are you waiting for? Add value to your home by installing glass railings today.