A Quick Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door is a stylish and elegant addition to any bathroom. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can keep it lustrous and in working condition for years to come. This blog outlines valuable tips for cleaning and maintaining your glass shower door.

Tips to Take Care of Your Glass Shower Door

Use Glass Coatings

If you want your shower door to stay lucid, add glass coatings. For its long-term stability, two separate coatings are an even better choice. Although they serve the same purpose, one has a more enduring effect than the other. Such coatings seal the pores in the glass and keep out minerals like magnesium and calcium present in water. Spray foams can also be used to promote durability. When your shower door is being manufacturing, have the glass sealed permanently with a patented ion beam technique.

Coated glass doors

Prevent Hard Water Stains

Glass shower doors are prone to hard water stain build-up. This leads to etching and permanent damage. To prevent hard water stains, use a squeegee to clean the glass inside and outside after every shower. Start from one of the top corners and apply some pressure when dragging the squeegee. Water should run down the glass. Repeat it by leaving the portion you dried approximately two inches. Repeat until you have cleaned all water from your shower door. Do not leave rubber marks or streaks.

If you do not have a squeegee, you can also use a microfiber towel to protect your glass shower from hard water build up. Clean weekly.

Implement an Environmentally Friendly Approach

Cleaning your glass shower door in an environmentally friendly way can save you money. Mix one-part white vinegar with three parts distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture and let it absorb for five minutes. Apply more solution if it appears to be drying.
Then use warm distilled water to rinse the solution. Wipe off hard water stains with a lint-free towel, paper towel or rag. You can also use a newspaper as it will not leave streaks.

Protect the Glass from Streaks

Streaks on glass look awful. Fortunately, there are many commercial glass cleaners to remove the tough stains water and vinegar cannot. Dry your glass shower door and then use a gentle cleaner with a pH ranging between seven and eight. Some work best when you leave the solution on the glass for a couple of minutes. Do not use acid-based cleaners, sharp instruments or scouring pads to clean or scrub your glass shower door. To protect the glass and hinder streaks, use a rag, paper towel or lint-free towel. Do not forget to wear gloves when using cleaning chemicals.

Keep Bathroom Doors Open

After every shower, leave the bathroom door open to circulate air into the space and evaporate water. This also hinders the formation of mildew in your bathroom. Before starting your shower, turn on your fan or vent. In case you do not have one, get one installed (if you can) to protect your glass shower door from hazardous mildew and mould.

Clean shower doors

Clean Shower Door Tracks

It is not easy to clean shower door tracks but it can be done if you follow certain tips. Pour vinegar onto paper towels, then lay them onto the tracks and let them sit for up to 30 minutes. Make sure you have sufficient paper towels to cover the entire length of the tracks. Be sure to turn on the fan to get rid of the strong odour of vinegar.

Remove paper towels after half an hour. Rub an old toothbrush along the shower tracks and brush away any residue. Use Q-tips or cotton swabs to clean the corners and screws. Once you are done scrubbing, use a spray bottle to rinse all vinegar off the shower tracks.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solutions

To clean your shower glass door well, you must use the right solution. Water and vinegar are the most common mixture. Another method is to mix approximately half a cup of baking soda with sufficient white vinegar to form a thick paste. Pour the vinegar slowly so the solution does not become too watery. Apply the paste to the glass and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Wipe it off with a lint-free paper towel or a soft cloth. Rinse the glass with water and dry the shower door completely.

If you want your bathroom glass enclosures to shine forever, follow the above guidelines. To keep your bathroom hygienic and beautiful, it is essential to clean your glass shower door regularly. Using the right cleaning agents and most effective techniques will get you the desired results.

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