The Ultimate Solutions to 6 Common Bathroom Cleaning Problems

Bathroom hygiene is important, and you should make it a habit to keep the area thoroughly clean. No matter how luxurious your bathroom is, your shower time will never feel relaxing enough if basic cleanliness is not maintained. Proper cleaning products for specific purposes and a regular cleaning schedule are the keys to making sure your bathroom stays sparkling clean. Whether it is hard water residue on glass shower doors or mould and mildew on curtains, here is the solution to all of it.

Top Bathroom Cleaning Problems

Here are a few bathroom cleaning problems commonly faced by homeowners. They can develop for any number of reasons, ranging not cleaning regularly to not using the right cleaning products.

  1. “Shower curtains are infested with mildew”

Shower curtains are tricky to clean as they are often big and heavy. Getting rid of mildew in particular can be challenging. The best solution is to wash it with a bleach solution. Add half a cup of bleach to a gallon of warm water, and, while wearing plastic gloves, wipe the curtains with a sponge and rinse them with your showerhead. If privacy is the reason you use curtains, consider replacing them with frosted shower glass which is much easier to clean.

  1. “Brass fixtures have become dull”

Over time, brass bathroom fixtures tend to lose their lustre thanks to hard water. You can make them shine again, though, by polishing them with a 1:1 paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Dip an old toothbrush in the paste and scrub the fixtures lightly. Let it dry for a few minutes and then buff it with a clean cloth to reveal brand new-looking fixtures. The same can be done for metal supports and holders for glass enclosures and doors.

  1. “Discolouration and accumulating dirt in hard-to-reach corners”

Cleaning your bathroom means reaching every hard-to-reach nook and corner to eradicate all dirt and germs. The easiest way to clean such corners is to use an old toothbrush and a strong, high-quality cleaning solution. Loosen the dirt using a toothbrush and mop it with a damp sponge. Sliding glass doors tracts and the areas behind sinks require extra attention while cleaning.

Cleaning glass shower doors

  1. “Scum build-up on glass shower doors”

Frothy soap scum on shower doors looks unsightly and makes the glass look clouded. It is also difficult to remove once it builds up. You can prevent that build-up by coating the glass doors and enclosure with a thin layer of lemon oil furniture oil. Let the oil sit for a couple of minutes and then polish it with a clean microfibre cloth. Using a squeegee after every shower is also an effective way to discourage build-up.

  1. “The glass shower doors are cloudy”

Over time, glass shower doors become cloudy from water vapour, soap splatter and scratches. Mineral build-up as well can alter the texture of the glass. This can be cleaned with vinegar, baking soda and salt. Spray the vinegar on the glass and let it sit for a few minutes. Make a paste using equal parts salt and soda. Using a damp sponge, rub this paste on the glass and then rinse well to reveal sparkling clean glass that is as good as new.

  1. “The bathroom grout is discoloured with mildew”

Grout discoloured by damp and mildew will eventually look unsightly. Vinegar is a versatile kitchen ingredient that can help clean grout and get rid of mildew. Spray the mildew-infested area with vinegar and use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout. For tile grout, remove mildew by spraying a solution of household bleach and water on it. Wipe off after ten minutes with a clean and dry cotton cloth.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Here are some important factors to note when cleaning the bathroom:

  • Use good bathroom cleaning products specifically designed for your needs. That means using separate cleaners for tile, hardwood and vinyl. Similarly, invest in cleaners specifically designed for glass enclosures to make your bathroom cleaning routine runs smoother.
  • Clean your bathroom regularly.
  • Use gloves when handling bleach.
  • Seek professional advice if glass enclosures or other parts of your bathroom prove too difficult to clean by using home remedies and domestic tools/cleaners.

Keeping your bathroom sparkling not only makes it look relaxing but also hygienic. The above-bathroom cleaning problems are easily solved if you follow the solutions provided in this blog post.