Sliding Glass Shower Doors in Toronto

If you’re looking for attractive, efficient and durable sliding shower glass doors, Shower Lagoon is your one-stop-destination. Whether you’re replacing your old shower door or installing a new one, we provide stunning and luxurious glass doors and enclosures totally customized to your taste. You can choose from a varied range of finishes and features, including a round or a rectangular header bar. Whether you prefer a traditional framed shower glass door or a frameless one, we have the materials, tools and expertise to make your bathroom vision a reality. We provide all types of sliding shower glass doors in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and the rest of the GTA.


Precision Fit Sliding Shower Glass Doors

The quality, look and texture of shower glass can go a long way towards improving your bathroom’s aesthetics. From transparent and semi-transparent to opaque, there’s a range of glass patterns to suit your taste and preferred level of privacy. You can also choose the size specifications, making it perfect for those with a uniquely designed shower entrance. At Shower Lagoon, we understand that every homeowner wants a bathroom that’s warm, relaxing and adds value to their home. Hence, having the right bathtub shower glass slider or enclosure is important. The experts at Shower Lagoon can help you design custom sliding glass systems for shower and bathtub enclosures. We plan the project according to your bathroom’s dimensions and your budget.

Benefits of Choosing Sliding Glass Shower Doors

With sleek, modern aesthetics and space-saving capacity, sliding glass shower doors can change the look and feel of your bathroom. While there are several reasons to choose them over other types of shower doors, here are some of their main benefits.

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    Save Space
    Since sliding shower doors don’t swing in and out, they save your bathroom from looking too crowded. They also create an illusion of more space and a brighter ambience.
    Easy to Use
    Sliding shower doors can be opened from either side of the bathtub, which means you can access the shower from both ends. Perfect for families with seniors and children.
    Versatile Look
    Whether you choose a framed or frameless shower door, it will blend well with almost any decor. Choose a framed model for a traditional look or frameless for a modern upgrade.
    Simple to Clean
    Unlike curtains and hinged glass doors, sliding shower glass doors are easy to clean. Simply slide the doors open, spray a glass cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.

    Types of Sliding Shower Glass Doors We Provide

    Sliding doors take up the least amount of space and are perfect for small bathrooms. They’re most popular with corner slider showers and typically consist of two or three glass panels that glide past each other on tracks at the top and bottom of the shower. We offer three types of sliding shower glass doors.

    Neo-Angle: Neo-angle shower enclosures are a minimalist and space-saving upgrade for modern bathrooms. The doors are made of either clear or translucent glass, depending on how much privacy you want.

    Frameless: Frameless sliding glass shower doors operate on a thin tracking system, making them glide smoothly. Usually made of heavy glass, they tend to flex less and don’t need a frame to latch on to.

    Inline: Inline shower doors consist of a glass pane connected at a 180° angle to one or more panels. This allows the panel to form an inline design. They can either feature a single swinging door connected to a glass panel or full panels on both sides of the door.

    Why Choose Us

    With years of experience, Shower Lagoon has set the standard for Canada’s glass enclosure companies. Here are five reasons why Shower Lagoon is your top one-stop-destination for quality shower glass sliders.

    • All fixed glass panels come with a pivoting door that includes a self-lift option.
    • We are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.
    • We choose the best-grade glass and qualified technicians for every project.
    • There are no subcontractors or hidden costs.

    Make Your Dream Bathroom a Reality

    Wondering how to make your bathroom more attractive and luxurious? Contact Shower Lagoon, one of the best and most renowned glass enclosure companies in Canada, with years of relevant experience. Our prices are very competitive and we offer the best products in terms of looks and functionality.

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