How to Mount Your Bathroom Accessories the Right Way

When you are installing bathroom accessories and hardware, simply getting the latest products is not going to be enough. Unless you get the accessories installed properly, your bathroom remains incomplete. Also, while drilling over the tiles, you might want to avoid causing any damage due to excessive drilling. Knowing the mounting heights of these hardware pieces will help you achieve a perfectly balanced bathroom interior and it will be easier for the elderly and the younger ones to use the shower and its components.

Guideline for Mounting Bathroom Hardware

Having a shower head that is installed too low, or a vanity that is too close to the toilet is the reason your bathroom may appear congested. If you want to utilize the hardware of your shower enclosure in the best possible way, know the right height and proportion of things prior to installation.

Things You Need to Get

  • One of the primary things you will need for your next bathroom renovation is a pair of wall anchors. This will be helpful, even if one of the brackets can be screwed into the wall stud.
  • From single sided towel bars to the ones with a pull handle, there are many ways to make the common towel bar interesting. If you want to install a customized towel bar for a specific area of the bathroom, then simply get a larger one and then get it cut to fit.
  • Grab bars and towel bars are different, and not a substitute for each other. If you want a grab bar, get one separately.

Mounting the Hardware and Accessories

The universal design rule allows flexibility to your bathroom design; one solution for people of all heights and ages. You may assume that this type of design is good for just functionality, and not that much in terms of aesthetics. Think again. Many modern bathroom designs, such as the popular, large, frameless walk-in showers are the best instances of universal design. Let’s discuss how to mount different hardware and accessories according to this general rule.

1.     Towel Bars

towel bars

Towel bars usually are 18 to 32 inches long, the common ones being available in 18”, 24” and 30” length. Due to their length, they need to be hung on the longest part of your bathroom wall. Once you have figured that out, try to hang this piece of hardware at least 42 to 48 inches above the ground, to help you hang even the longest towel easily.

Pro Tip: If you want to hang two standard towels on your bar, then get the 30” one, otherwise a 24” towel bar is more than sufficient to accommodate a full-length bath towel, folded in half.

2.     Towel Ring


Towel rings are complementary to the towel bars. You can hang decorative towels on the towel bar to impress the guests while adding a simple hand towel on the ring. The key here is to keep a few inches gap between the towel ring and the sink. The right mounting height for the towel ring is about 50 to 52 inches off the ground, to help the towel hang freely and avoid it brushing against the vanity.

3.     Robe Hook

robe hook

Robe hooks are a perfect accessory for hanging both the towels and the bathrobes. This small but convenient piece of hardware can be installed anywhere in your bathroom, but our advice would be to keep it within an arm’s distance from the shower. Mount them about 65 to 70 inches off the ground, and make sure the towel hung on them do not drag on the floor. In general, any height above 60 inches from the ground will work.

Pro Tip: If you want multiple robe hooks installed in your bathroom, then keep a minimum distance of 9 inches between them.

4.     Grab Bar

grab bars

Installing grab bars is one of the best ways to make your restroom more accessible, especially to the elderly and handicapped. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of four people over the age of 65 in the US suffer from a fall every year. You can prevent these injuries in the bathroom by installing grab bars at the right height. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that the average mounting height for the grab bar should be about 33 to 36 inches off the ground, and is determined by the height of the toilet.

5.     TP Holder

toilet paper holders

The standard recommended height for the toilet paper holder or the TP Holder is about 26 inches above the ground. Additionally, try to keep a gap of 8 -12” between the toilet paper roll and the front rim of the toilet, if you can. In case you plan on getting the holder installed on the side of your vanity, then keep a minimum distance of 8”.

6.     Bathroom Shelves

The shelves can be installed at different heights, based on their type and the purpose of use. Generally, you can get them installed at about 3 to 4 feet height; same as the mirrors.

bathroom shelves

The next time you plan on accessorizing your bathroom, do not just get the best glass shower in Toronto but ensure you get the accessories installed perfectly, so you achieve a balanced interior with more space.