Use Custom Glass Shower Doors to Make Your Bathroom More Luxe

Today’s homeowners prefer customization to regular styling. That means they want everything according to their requirements to make their homes more luxurious and attractive.

That includes bathroom renovations. Since bathroom design directly impacts your home’s resale value, homeowners want to customize it to suit their tastes and needs. The easiest (and most gorgeous) way to achieve this is by installing a custom glass shower door.

In this post, we discuss what custom glass has to offer and how you can make your bathroom look more elegant and luxurious by installing one.

How a Custom Shower Door Can Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom  

Custom shower doors are an upgrade that increases the value of your home and adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They can transform your shower space by giving it a brighter and more open outlook.

That’s why you’ll want to consider installing customized shower doors. They offer a chic and sophisticated ambience that will make a definite impression on your guests and family.

Here, we explore the various ways in which a custom glass shower door can make your bathroom look luxurious.

1. Opt for Beautiful Frameless Shower Doors 


Custom frameless shower doors are one of the most popular shower doors in contemporary design. They are not only beautiful but offer excellent functionality.

A frameless glass shower door can make your bathroom look spacious and welcoming. They are thicker than framed ones, which makes them sturdier too. They are much better than older doors with metal frames that used to surround the entire glass, leaving no exposed edges. Dirt is another issue you avoid by using a frameless glass shower door as it won’t accumulate near the metal.

In addition, because they use little metal, these glass doors invite in more light to create a more open look.

2. Choose Your Ideal Custom Glass Door and Add a Splash of Luxury

Typical glass shower doors don’t always fit well and are inflexible to the demands of style. Custom glass doors not only fit your shower space but can be customized to match your bathroom decor.

For example, you may opt for sliding doors that are good for stand-alone or tub/shower configurations. Steam doors that are built airtight for steam rooms are also a very good option. If you have limited space, neo-angle shower doors are a good choice as they can be built into a corner.

3. Choose Tinted Glass  

Although many homeowners prefer clear glass, these shower doors can become boring. To break up the monotony, add a touch of colour by installing tinted glass doors. You can either match it to your bathroom’s colour scheme or choose a tint to contrast your wall paint and style of floor. This way, additional colours will brighten the ambience and create a cheerful mood.

When fitted right, a high-quality customized glass shower door can make your bathroom more luxurious. This is why you should always choose a reliable company like Shower Lagoon. Our wide range of glass solutions can be customized to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to get the best glass shower door solution for your home.