Refurbish Your Bathroom with Custom Shower Glass Doors

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or building a brand new bathroom? A custom shower glass door could be your ideal solution.

Why spend on a custom shower door when a shower curtain is easier and cheaper? We don’t often realize that the bathroom is one of the most visited places in our house. So, if you want to improve both its functionality and appearance, a custom glass door is a worthwhile investment.

Here, you will learn how a custom shower glass door can energize your bathroom while adding resale value to your home.

Let’s dive in.

Reasons to Buy a Custom Shower Glass Door

It is a fact that your bathroom’s design can directly impact your mood. So, if you have to deal with a dark and dingy bathroom every day, it can bring your spirits low for the whole day. On the other hand, a bright bathroom can make you feel better.

But how do you achieve that lively ambience? In-stock glass shower doors don’t always fit the best and aren’t necessarily the most stylish. That’s why a custom shower glass door – one that is made to fit your bathroom and your tastes – is a better option. Here we will explore why installing a custom glass shower door is the best decision.

1. It Doesn’t Release Chemicals

Vinyl shower curtains release toxins into the air, which can lead to headaches, nausea, and kidney problems. Moulds are also easier to form on shower curtains than glass doors. But custom shower doors are made with tempered safety glass, which won’t release any chemicals into the air.

2. It Is Easier to Clean and Maintain

While deciding on your shower door, another important factor that you should consider is cleanliness. The more you use it, the dirtier it tends to get.

So, you should choose a shower door that is easy to clean. A frameless custom shower door is much easier to clean than a framed one. It is also easier to maintain as well compared to a shower curtain. With a mild cleanser and swab, you can easily remove spots and residue. Glass cleaners should be used to remove hard water stains and mineral deposits.

3. It Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced As Often

You don’t have to replace your custom shower glass door anywhere near as often as shower curtains. On the other hand, the glass in a shower door has a protective coating that keeps it looking clean and polished for years to come.

4. It Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

The best part about custom shower glass doors is that they have numerous design possibilities. So, even if your bathroom is small, custom shower doors can make it look bigger, wider, and taller. Its many design options include frameless, pivot, semi-frameless or framed shower doors, pivot inline, frameless single doors, hydro-slide enclosures, and frameless inline doors.

Custom showers can even be designed for handicap accessibility. So, say goodbye to simple designs and add a unique flavour to your bathroom.

5. It Adds Value to Your Home

Traditional shower curtains create a visual block that makes your bathroom look darker and smaller; nor do they add to your home’s value. Custom glass shower doors make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, because there are no visual barriers and natural and artificial light can easily pass through the entire space.

Any bathroom remodel should add value to your home. And a sophisticated custom glass shower door will make it more appealing to prospective homebuyers who will love the bright openness and minimal maintenance. Custom shower glass doors make your bathroom both functional and beautiful. Contact us today for a consult and to learn about our installation services.

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