Pivot vs. Sliding Glass Shower Doors: Which Is Best For You?

Your shower door is an integral part of your bathroom, both in terms of appearance and functionality. It can make the space appear brighter, more spacious and elegant while keeping water in the shower and off your bathroom floor.

But to make the most of it, you need to install one that matches your needs and seamlessly blends with the room’s layout.

When you begin your shopping, you’ll quickly learn that there are many styles. Among the most popular are pivot and sliding glass shower doors.

To choose the most suitable one, let’s compare.

What’s the Difference Between a Pivot and a Sliding Glass Shower Door?


Want to make over your bathroom style with a new shower door? Then you’ll certainly come across two popular styles: pivot and sliding glass. Which is best for you?

Pivot Glass Shower Door

Pivot glass shower doors swing open from a single corner with help of a pivot hinge. These doors can swing 180 degrees in both directions. You can either attach a pivot hinge on one side or at the centre to create a revolving door. These hinges come in a wide range of metallic finishes and accent colours to complement and match other elements of your bathroom decor.

Pivot Glass Shower Door-Pros


● They create an uninterrupted frameless view when attached at the door’s far corners.

● They’re mounted floor to ceiling, thus reducing the cost of glass fabrication.

● They’re easy to install because they can be mounted with very little hardware.

● Since they open and close on pivot hinges, there is no track at the bottom, unlike sliding glass shower doors.

● They’re ideal for luxury showers because they can accommodate large openings. You can install a double-door entrance for a grand look.

● They’re ideal for those with mobility issues because the openings can be larger, thus offering an unobstructed entrance.

● Their design is more stable because they carry the door’s weight at the bottom.


Pivot Glass Shower Door - Cons

● They need room to open so are unsuited to small bathrooms with a narrow opening for the shower area.

● Water may drip onto the floor when the door opens.

● They’re not as durable as other shower door design styles.

Sliding Glass Shower Door

Also known as bypass shower doors, this style has two sliding glass panels that open and close on tracks attached to the shower enclosure. Similar to patio doors in operation, they are well-suited for both stand-alone showers and bathtub showers. Compared to pivot glass doors, sliding shower doors require more hardware. However, there are frameless varieties as well.

Sliding Glass Shower Door-Pros


● They make efficient use of space since they don’t swing out into the room. This makes them best in small bathrooms.

● They require no floor space when opening.

● Because they don’t obstruct light, they create a seamless look in the bathroom, especially if you choose a frameless glass shower door.

● They make both sides of the shower or tub accessible because the two glass panels slightly overlap and can be opened from either side.

● They prevent water from spilling or getting out of the shower area because the door slides in the track instead of opening out.


Sliding Glass Shower Door-Cons

● They are difficult to clean and require more maintenance than the pivot glass style. This is because they trap water when they are open and the tracks collect dirt when the door slides.

● Although they save space, the entrance to the shower is small and can be difficult to access, especially for people with mobility issues.

● The tracks and rollers can accumulate soapy water, grime and rust which can lead to mould and mildew.

Which One Should You Choose?

It’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of each design style. For example, a pivot shower door is ideal choice for homeowners who:

a) have a spacious bathroom;

b) need to install doors with fewer metallic features (with less hardware);

c) want to give their bathroom an unconventional look; and

d) don’t want to spend a lot on glass fabrication.

On the other hand, sliding glass shower doors make sense if you:

a) need a space-saving shower door;

b) don’t mind spending a little extra time and effort on cleaning; and

c) want a durable addition to their bathroom.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide on the perfect glass shower door. Consider what suits your needs and style. For additional aid, contact our team. Call us at 905-265-1476.