Which Type of Frameless Shower Enclosure Is Right for Your Bathroom?

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom shower enclosure? Have you decided on which type to install? Your shower is a highly functional element as it separates the wet area from the dry and determines the overall appearance of your bathroom. You will need to consider factors like the size and shape of your bathroom along with the position of any windows when selecting the proper enclosure.

Many homeowners are inclined towards custom frameless shower enclosures. Discover five design ideas that can add style, character, and utility to your bathroom decor.

5 Stylish Frameless Shower Enclosure Ideas

People often ask if frameless shower enclosures are watertight. Well, they are water-resistant, not waterproof. But you will not face any problem around fixed glass panels as they are sealed with high-quality, mildew-resistant silicone, especially if they installed correctly and with quality craftsmanship. Let’s examine five frameless shower enclosure designs.

1. Be Creative with Your Style: Most bathrooms have just one window which limits natural light. To get the light from the window next to the shower, build a tiled half-wall. Above it, make the other half of the wall glass and install a hinged, frameless door to the right to enclose the shower. You can add a few tiny triangular shelves at the corner to create extra space for a few toiletries.

2. Go Beyond the Line: Do you love vintage-style bathrooms? Then use bleached cabinets and a chandelier with your extended frameless shower enclosure. Install the glass on and beyond the shower unit’s boundary to get that ‘beyond the line’ effect. This extension will allow some extra space. You can install a seating unit inside. More space equals longer, more relaxing showers.

3. Play with Shapes: Do you like to experiment with different shapes and sizes? Then you may like a semi-oval frameless shower enclosure (a.k.a. the quadrant shower enclosure). Its two ends are like a regular square shower enclosure, while the mid-portion is straight from one side and the other is curved. Place the straight side against the wall with the curved side facing outward to the bathroom. This semi-oval shower enclosure maximizes space compared to square or rectangular styles.
You can choose a half-circle shower enclosure as well. It has one straight side, while the other sides are curved. This is most suited to larger spaces in a modern and stylish design.

4. Get the Best of Both: Do you want the fun of both a bath and a shower but don’t have enough space? Instead of going for a conventional cubicle bath, install a frameless screen-enclosing tub and shower. Your floor will almost certainly need to fit as it would do in a shower room, so ensure your contractor installs suitable floor drainage.

5. Go for Frosted Glass: If you like privacy as well as style, a frosted glass shower enclosure makes sense. It offers an enclosed space for long, peaceful showers. Instead of frosted glass, you can customize it to your style preference. This enclosure can be built to accommodate structural irregularities, unusual shower dimensions, and unique designs.

Frameless shower enclosures or screens have many design benefits. They can also help small bathrooms feel more spacious. If you have a larger space, it can feel like a luxury spa which will not only give your bath a boost but rejuvenate you. At Shower Lagoon, we offer an array of glass and hardware options that you can mix and match to achieve your desired look. Consult our glass professionals for their insights when choosing your glass and hardware.

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