Re-imagine Your Glass Shower Doors (5 New Trends for 2022)

Are you thinking about remodelling your bathroom in 2022? The appropriate design with the right finish can create a functional and inviting space that starts your day off on a great note. Now you can give your morning that fresh start with Shower Lagoon custom shower glass doors.

To that end here are the top 5 trends in glass shower doors that are not only stunning but also suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Top Glass Shower Door Trends for 2022
Modern glass shower doors are all about smoothness, minimalism, transparency, practicality and openness. Keep that in mind when checking out these five glass shower door trends that you can implement into your bathroom.

  1. Frameless Glass Shower Doors
  2. Unlike traditional shower doors which have a vinyl or aluminum frame, frameless shower doors don’t have these fixtures. The frameless swinging style can make your bathroom look modern and clean while bringing more light into the space to make it look bigger than it is. It is also an ideal option for a small bathroom.


    Because of the absence of any fixed material in the frame or structure, these doors can be combined with any kind of tile, look, or bathroom design. They also don’t create any visual obstruction or shadow which allows ample light to shine through. So, if you are into clean and chic styling, this is your go-to solution.

  3. Frosted Shower Doors
  4. These shower doors are an evergreen favourite of both conventional and contemporary homeowners. If you treasure your privacy and want to enjoy some me time, frosted glass is a perfect choice. It allows enough light to enter, but, unlike clear glass, keeps the shower private. It is easy to clean and maintain and keeps the bathroom fresh during summers and warm in winter thanks to its energy-efficient nature.

  5. Semi-Frameless Shower Doors
  6. This hybrid of framed and frameless glass doors has a metal body around the entire structure but not around the entire entryway. (That’s why it is called semi-frameless.) The small amount of metal framing not only helps to maintain the shower’s structural integrity but keeps it looking modern.

    It is also easy to clean because the frame is fitted around the edges, and there are filters to avoid soap scum build-up.

    Available in a myriad of styles, semi-frameless shower doors have minimal hardware and a small frame, so there’s less risk of corrosion. This reduces the risk of having to replace the door.

  7. Mix Metal Shower Door
  8. Mix-Metal-Shower-Door

    If you are not already flattered by the beauty of frameless glass shower doors, the next best option is having metal on the framing end or at the pivot. A mixed metal shower door allows you to have a taste of different metals on the strategic parts of the whole structure. This not only makes the structure strong but gives you the option to customize the look and feel of your shower.

  9. Corner Shower Door

After a long day, little is more relaxing than a hot shower. But that’s hard to do in a shower/tub-combo as the steam escapes from the open area. A corner shower solves this problem. It has the option of sliding shower doors or multiple folding doors to keep water from trickling out into the bathroom. With solid glass doors and a rain head accessory, nothing beats the stylish look of a corner shower.

You can even customize it according to the rest of your bathroom decor; this includes tile work, hardware options, and size. It also prevents mouldy curtains and gives you a dry floor. Because of its beauty and efficiency, it is becoming the hot favourite of homeowners.

Why settle for your plain old bathroom when you can have stunning and trendy glass shower doors from Shower Lagoon? Our expert consultants can work with you to select a beautiful and trendy glass shower door that suits your personality and interior decor. To begin exploring different shower glass doors, click here. Then call us at 905-265-1476 to get a free quote.

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