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Frameless neo-angle showers are a type of corner shower enclosure, consisting of two solid sides and three glass panels. The end product is a diamond-shaped shower where the two solid sides are generally placed in a corner of the bathroom and the three glass panels use glass-to-glass hinges. At Shower Lagoon we offer extensive knowledge, expertise and years of experience regarding glass enclosures to bring you the best results each time.

Types of Frameless Shower Glass
We Specialize In

Inline Shower Glass

This type of shower glass requires the fewest number of fixtures and fittings and its structure provides safety and strength. They usually consist of three walls and one “incline” opening space.

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Corner Shower Glass

We promise the most cost-effective installation of corner shower glass enclosures in the entire Greater Toronto Area. Our experts will advise you on the best spot prior to installation.

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Neo-Angle Shower Glass

If you're looking for neatly-installed shower glass enclosures, especially in asymmetrical bathrooms, then our neo-angle shower glass offers the right panel thickness, tint and texture to suit your needs.

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Sliding System Shower Glass

Our sliding shower glass doors are all about sleek appearance and smooth operation. Their many features make them more suitable for smaller spaces than hinged doors.

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What Sets Us Apart

At Shower Lagoon we offer amazing frameless neo-angle shower enclosures as well as semi-frameless ones to give your bathroom a customized look. When you have a small space or want to upgrade your boring bathroom interior, we have the right elements to inject excitement and energy into your decor while maximizing the available space. This is why our neo-angle shower glass enclosures are exactly what you need. With three glass panels and two enclosed walls, they can be easily fit into the corner of your bathroom, even if its shape is asymmetrical. The best part is that you can have them customized to be compact or expansive, making them suitable for all shapes, sizes and styles of bathroom.

With our expertise in installing custom neo-angle glass shower enclosures, we guide you in choosing the one that will best fit your bath to give you the look and feel you desire.

At Shower Lagoon we guarantee:

  • The most accurate measurements of your existing space.
  • Neat and swift installation, even in asymmetrical spaces.
  • High-quality fittings and hardware.
  • A wide selection of hinges and handles.
  • Fully customized shower glass enclosures.

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    Advantages of Neo-Angle Shower Glass

    Optimum Use of Space
    Our neo-angle shower glass installations are custom fit for every type of bathroom, whether big and small. And our experts get the right measurements to ensure quick installation.
    One of the primary reasons for this type of shower glass installation is to utilize all the space in small and asymmetrical bathrooms. This type of glass enclosure provides it with a focal point and makes it appear more spacious.
    Updated Designs
    These glass shower enclosures are perfect for modernizing the look of your bathroom. A common myth is that they don’t suit every interior style, but our custom designs are meant to solve that issue.

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    Get Customizations Ideal for Your Bathroom

    Neo-angle glass enclosures fit bathrooms best when they’re custom made. Our reputable professionals are there to make sure your bathroom looks and feels luxurious. From selecting the right glass texture to taking accurate measurements, they will assist you through the whole process.

    Variety of Glass Textures to Choose From

    Irrespective of the design you want, the texture of glass can vary. Depending on your bathroom’s overall décor, you can ask for suggestions from the experts on the most suitable glass texture. You can also explore our collection and choose the styles that appeal to you most.


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