Why Do You Need to Install Exterior Glass Railings in Toronto?

Are you planning to install glass railings on your deck, balcony, or elsewhere on your property? Exterior glass railings look great, add a touch of luxury and sophistication. And, when designed and mounted properly, they are extremely safe and functional as they are generally made from laminated glass which is resistant to cracks and breakage.

In this post, we discuss the top reasons why installing exterior glass railings is a great option for your Toronto home.

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Why It’s Worth Investing in Exterior Glass Railings for Your Toronto Home 

Here are the top benefits of installing these glass railings in Toronto.

1. They Offer Unhindered Views 

Many homeowners prefer light and spacious rooms with unhindered and beautiful views outside. Exterior glass railing systems allow sunlight to flow through glass doors and windows to make your home look brighter and more open. But other railing systems, such as those made from metal and wood, have a large structure, thus blocking sunlight from entering your home and reducing visibility.

However, exterior ones, especially frameless railings, have a timeless appeal and give your space a sleek and stylish look. You may mount these railings on patios, rooftop decks, balconies, and other areas, offering expansive outside views.

2. They Are Low Maintenance  

This is one of the key advantages of installing these glass railings. Railings made from metal and wood are costlier and have a shorter life span thanks to exposure to weather. Also, because they are directly exposed to natural light, they accumulate rust and break quickly.

On the other hand, exterior glass railings do not need to be polished to retain their shine. To keep them looking brand new, they only need occasional cleaning with water, soap, and window cleaner.

3. They Are Highly Durable and Safe 

These are considered one of the safest railing systems and are simple to install. Unlike other types of railings, exterior ones offer a solid panel of material that prevents children, pets, and small objects from getting stuck or slipping through.

Plus, these railings are very durable. As they are made from laminated glass, they resist corrosion caused by moisture, cracks due to harsh weather, and discolouration due to exposure to direct sunlight.

4. They Are Available in Different Designs 

Exterior glass railing systems are versatile enough to fit any exterior design. Whether you want to add more visibility or enhance the visual appeal and privacy of your home, these railings can be customized accordingly.

For example, the glass can be cut to add creative designs to its texture or frosted to enhance the privacy of your space. These glass railings are easily customized to work not only in residential spaces but commercial ones.

5. They Help Increase the Resale Value of Your Property  

Exterior glass railings are chic and sophisticated so enhance the market value of your property, be it a new condo or commercial space. This makes them a good investment.

As mentioned, exterior glass railings are easy to maintain, which reduces the cost of their maintenance.

Due to their transparent structure, any building with exterior glass railings appears larger and more spacious which can also boost its selling potential.

Exterior glass railings provide a lot of benefits over wood and metal ones. This makes them worth considering for your space. They are also easy to maintain, allow an unobstructed view outside, protect you and your family from harsh weather, and enhance your property’s market value. For exterior glass railings, get in touch with Shower Lagoon. As a leader in Toronto’s glass industry, we offer high-quality products at the most competitive rates. Read our reviews to learn more about our products and services.