Different Types of Bathroom Glass Panels for Your Shower

Showers are one of the most significant parts of your bathroom, providing a place for you to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. However, when it comes to shower glass panels, many people overlook their importance which can lead to water leakage and further expenses in terms of repair and maintenance.

Therefore, you should choose a glass door that is appropriate for your bath space and your preferences. There are many different types of shower glass doors, which can make it difficult for you to choose the right one.

To help you make the best decision, we look at three of the best shower glass door options that you can incorporate into your bathroom.

Three Shower Glass Door Panels Explained

When it comes to glass shower doors, there is an amazing diversity, ranging from a simple walk-in shower door to beautiful bathtub glass enclosures, which makes bathing a truly unique experience. Whether you are building a new shower or remodelling an existing one, you have many options. Here are three different shower glass door types to consider.

1. Walk-In Shower

When you are planning for your shower door, you need to consider the space in your bath area to determine the right kind. For example, for limited space, walk-in showers are generally people’s first choice. Here, as the name suggests, the person only needs to step inside in order to access their shower space. They are not only beautiful but a great way to save space. They are versatile, stylish, and have a variety of features, such as a steam shower room.

They are a great shower option for people who are looking for a shower stall that they can easily move in and out of. As per that requirement, walk-in showers are more accessible for the disabled and seniors. You can add even more convenience to them by adding traction pads to the bathroom floor and incorporating handrails.

Since there are no glass panels in front of a walk-in shower, homeowners often worry about water spilling out. To avoid this, the bathroom floor must be waterproof and meet the shower pan at the exact same level. Walk-in showers are most suitable in small and medium-sized bathrooms.

2. Corner Shower Glass Door

Corner Shower Glass Door

Almost every house has neglected corners. If you want to utilize that corner space to its fullest or are looking for a space-saving shower option, a corner shower is the ideal fit. It also goes well with minimalist interior decor.

Specifically designed for use in a corner, it consists of a pair of glass panels that extend from a corner of the bathroom to form a square enclosure. One of the glass panels has a pivoting door.

Corner enclosure showers come in different shapes, which include rectangles and squares, as well as angles and curves. It can incorporate a variety of features to make it functional, stylish, and incredibly valuable, such as rainfall shower heads, steam shower options, and individual seating. They are not a suitable choice for those who require space for a lot of shower accessories. However, they are a great alternative for those who want a fully-functional shower without having to take up a lot of room for installation.

3. Sliding Shower Door

Another great way to take your home’s design to the next level and make your shower space more appealing is by adding a sliding shower door. It does not open outward but rather slides along the front of your shower to reveal an opening.

The best part about a sliding glass door is that it is waterproof and keeps the water from your shower from leaking out into the room. It also ensures you are protected from stray drafts or air currents.

Instead of a 2-panel sliding glass door, you can also install a 3-panel sliding glass shower door to have better function and access. This ensures that anyone can use them with ease, from small children to seniors with arthritis or other issues that make gripping a door handle and turning it, like the handles on French doors, difficult.

Beautiful 3-panel sliding glass patio doors are available with a wide range of glass treatments, different frame designs, and adjustable hardware. By incorporating a stunning three-panel sliding glass door, you can add an elegant twist to your shower space and transform it into your personal spa room, where you can relax.

You can also pair it with a tub and shower combination. Instead of using clear glass, you can pick frosted glass to add a layer of privacy and incorporate handles for safety.

The world of showers has seen so many developments. Your shower door is what denotes both the style and functionality of your shower as a whole. Whether you want to take a simple shower or one that gives you all the feel of being in a spa, you can consider the above-mentioned shower glass door styles to remodel your bathroom. If you are looking for a glass door installation or want to know more about glass panels for showers, contact Shower Lagoon.