Best Glass Shower Wall Panel Options for a Canadian Winter

Thanks to Canada’s cold winters, a lot of energy is required to keep your shower space warm. Fortunately, this energy consumption can be reduced by installing high-quality, energy-efficient glass shower wall panels into your bathroom.

It is essential for those living in Canada’s cold climate, where winter temperatures linger between -5 and -15 degrees Celsius, to prevent heat loss from their shower space. You can do this by choosing the right shower glass panels. Doors must leak no air from them to be air efficient. Beyond that, you need to consider glass frames, glass types, and coatings.

Read on to find out how using shower glass panels and the right glass types and coatings can help make your bathroom winter-ready.

Which Shower Glass Panels Are Ideal for Winter?

Using energy-efficient glass shower door panels from Shower Lagoon can save a considerable amount of energy in your bathroom. Here, you will learn what factors to consider when shopping for the best shower glass panels.

1. Frames

For a glass door to be sufficiently energy efficient, it needs to be fully sealed (to prevent draughts) and installed by a professional. You can consider aluminum frames, as they are strong and affordable, but they are not very good insulators. Another choice is vinyl frames, which are more reasonably priced and offer good insulation.

If you are not a big fan of frames but want a compact and energy-efficient shower space, consider an inline shower glass door. Here, the glass shower panel is installed ‘in line’ with the adjacent wall to enclose the shower space and make it more energy efficient.

With Shower Lagoon, you can customize your shower door to perfectly fit the shower space. It not only keeps the water within the shower area but contains the steam to keep your shower space warmer and more comfortable. You can install a custom shower base to channel the water into the drain and protect the surrounding shower alcove. Both sliding doors and hinged doors can be installed for an inline shower.

Inline shower glass doors and panels maximize small amounts of available space in your bathroom without affecting its style. If you have modern interior decor, you can install it to make your bathroom look trendy while still making efficient use of the available space.

2. Glass

Although toughened or tempered glass is commonly used for shower door panels, low emissivity (or low-e) glass is an option if you are only interested in energy efficiency. It prevents the heat from escaping the room. Otherwise, it can rebound the heat from outside and stop it from coming into the room.

In addition, if you have glass windows in your bathroom and plan to replace them before winter, choose window glass that reduces heat loss. You can go for double-glazed glass, as it can give you high thermal performance. It also reflects infrared heat during the summer, keeping your room cool; in winter, it retains heat, keeping the room warm.

For the highest degree of protection, consider laminated glass.

3. Coatings

Whether you have a contemporary or traditional bathroom, glass shower doors are a great addition. The coatings on their shower glass panels are an essential factor. Since they are hydrophobic, they repel water and protect your glass from water stains, corrosion, soap, and mineral buildup. This invisible layer fills in the pores of the shower door glass to keep out debris; it also causes water to slide right off.

Along with preventing buildup, they can also reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your bathroom by applying transparent metallic oxide to the inner surface of the outermost pane of glass.

Also, a low-e coating can be used to reflect heat towards its source.

Do you live in a cold climate, such as Canada, where extremely diverse weather occurs? Then it is essential that you winterize your glass door panels to protect them from the harsh effects of winter. Consider the above-mentioned factors to find the best glass shower wall panels to make your bathroom energy-efficient and winter-ready. Contact Shower Lagoon for more information on energy-efficient shower glass panels for your bathroom.