There’s No Need for a Remodel to Create Space in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in a home to give a mini-makeover. Once you realise how inexpensively, quickly and dramatically you can update the space without actually having to go through the trouble of remodelling or renovating, you will wonder why you bothered waiting so long.

However, before you begin, take a minute to consider what you want for the space in terms of style. The bathroom is meant to be a relaxing and peaceful space. This is why it is important for you to consider whether you are more soothed by simple and serene designs or a dramatic and rich style. Once you are sure about what you want, try these tips to ensure you have a bathroom that feels brighter and bigger in no time at all.

  • Smart Storage to Tackle Clutter

Having clutter is the worst thing in small spaces. Objects hanging from the walls, on the floor, on countertops can make the bathroom feel claustrophobic and cramped. However, you can easily clear all this away by using smart storage solutions that can create more open space. You can add storage containers to the inside of your cabinet doors. Organize the toiletries and towels in attractive bins. Also, use the vertical space available by installing a shelf above the door where you can store the things you don’t need every day. Eliminating the clutter can help create more room in your bathroom.

  • Get Rid of Visual Obstructions

A bulky shower door or an opaque shower has the ability to box off the shower area like nothing else. Trading your traditional shower for a frameless glass model can immediately create more space. Adding a frameless shower door is a great way of making the shower area look much larger and more spacious. It ensures you eliminate the biggest visual obstruction in the bathroom, allowing you to see all the way to the wall behind the shower area. It is an easy change that can mean a world of difference.

  • Add a Big Mirror

Adding a big mirror is a cost-effective and easy way of making the bathroom space look bigger. A mirror reflects space and light whereas a wall tends to close a room significantly. If you already have a mirror installed, consider replacing it with a larger one which stretches across the wall. You can go grand by choosing one that stretches all the way to the ceiling as it can create a huge impact on the space. Large mirrors are capable of doubling the impact of the lighting fixtures, making a small space grow significantly.

  • Make the Room Bright and Light

Bringing in natural light and using paint colours such as cream and white can make small spaces feel spacious and airy. Change the dark and drab colours and replace them with more serene and softer tones. Choosing more whites, pastels and neutrals for the walls allows you to choose bright coloured accessories and towels. If you have a bathroom that feels more like a spa, you will have better luck choosing cool colours. Opting for transparent window treatments increases natural light flow into the space. Recessed lights can also help add brightness without imposing on the already limited space.

Just because you may have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be boring. These tips can help make the most out of your bathroom area without you having to go through the trouble of a remodel. With a little creativity and some work, you can turn your bathroom into a place you will want to spend more time at.