Big Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes That Can Be Easily Avoided

Surprisingly, the bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in a home to design, even though they are one of the most commonly used. So, planning a remodelling project is not something that should be taken lightly. Generally, when people consider renovating, it’s because either their bathroom has become outdated or because they want to give their home a contemporary and fresh feel.

What many don’t realise is that designing a bathroom isn’t just about choosing the right accessories and colours, but to also understand its full functionality. It is also important for you to think about your home and your personal style choices to accommodate your lifestyle. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

  • Inaccurately Measuring the Area

Most homeowners make a rookie mistake of not measuring the space accurately. If you purchase a bathroom suite that doesn’t fit, you will most likely be forced to return and re-purchase it, which will elongate the remodelling project. Carefully measuring the area will help you avoid this. You could sketch the layout of the room and note down the measurements on a graph paper. This allows you to have a visual representation of everything. Also, remember to check whether there’s enough space between the commode and the sink. The shower door should open fully and unhindered.

  • Ignoring the Fine Details

The character of a room can be defined by the little accessories and minute touches that you add to the space. This rule is also applicable to the bathroom just as much as any other room in your home. Things like toilet flushes and taps are often overlooked. But, if you are looking to make a statement, you should choose a unique style and tie all of the accessories into the theme. Your bathroom essentials can also be transformed into design elements.

  • Not Considering the Mirror

When a bathroom mirror is placed properly, it can provide many benefits. While a practical fixture, it can also double as a space used for storage. It can also make the room appear much larger than it really is by reflecting light throughout the area. Similar to any accessory, it is important to choose a style which matches the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. A mirror with an intricate frame can help bring a whimsical characteristic to the space whereas a large straight edged mirror can aid for a contemporary finish.

  • Poor Ventilation

It is obvious that an area where water used as often as it is in the bathroom is going to be damp and there may even be unpleasant odours as a result. It is essential to have good airflow if you want to prevent this from happening. Opening the window is the simplest way for you to achieve this and to keep air circulating around the area. However, if you do not have an outward facing window, then consider installing an extraction unit or a small ceiling fan. This can help prevent any build-up of mildew or mould and keep your bathroom feeling fresh.

The key to a successful bathroom remodelling project is being prepared. This applies to both remodelling an old bathroom and designing a completely new one. Being aware of these common mistakes will mean you are more likely to avoid making them in your home. It will also ensure that you have a bathroom that you will love for a long time.