The Process of Frameless Shower Doors Installation

Installing frameless shower door is a great addition to your bathroom. You will find different models of shower doors depending on your requirement and budget. Many modern bathroom designs consist of frameless glass shower enclosures with frameless doors. Depending on the design you choose, these doors may be installed between the hinges at one wall or between two glass panels. Frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass that have been cut or drilled for hinges with a handle prior to tempering process.

Although glass doors can be chosen best by interior decorators and professional contractors, yet you can find one for your bathroom by checking online reviews from customers. Having bought the new stuff, now if you are planning to install the glass door yourself, then here’s a list of the requisites.

DIY – The Things Needed

  • Wooden shim
  • Drill and masonry bit
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Vinyl sweep
  • Wall anchors
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder

Installation – The Process

Once you have assembled everything, of course, you will also need someone to help you with these steps to follow.

  • Buy glass doors that will fit perfectly – When buying frameless shower doors, you should take accurate measurements so that they fit perfectly. The door must fit the opening. If you want to use seals when hanging the door, take into consideration their width. If there are no seals used, the opening has to be approximately 0.25-inches wider than the door.
  • Make the door ready for installation – You need to locate the handle and hinges of the door. Take a screwdriver to attach these hinges and handle to glass doors. Attach the hinges at the center of the cut out in the glass. Hinges that are fixed in the center of the opening will enable widest movement for adjustment. Tighten the screws by hand to ensure that they may not open.
  • Line up door in the right position – A wooden shim is actually a wood piece that is used to raise large fixtures. They are available at different improvement stores of varying widths. As such, you will not need a large shim to elevate the door from the ground. Raising the door from floor means that you will be able to fix it in the correct way. Place the door at the right position.
  • Drill pilot holes in the tiles – You can use masonry bit for drilling pilot holes in the tile. Before you start drilling, take a pencil to mark the spots and ensure that the holes have been made at the correct place. Use the stud finder to be sure that the screws are attached to the stud. Push anchors into the pilot holes and screw the door in its place.
  • Place vinyl sweeps at the doorway – You can put vinyl sweeps at the entrance. Open and close the door a number of times in order to ensure that it works smoothly.

There are various designs available for handles, hinges and seals. Make sure you go through all the instructions before you begin with alignment and installation process.

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