Glass Shower Doors- The Ultimate Solution to Upmarket Bathroom

Why only in movies? Even in real life, big or small, basic to grandiose, bathrooms attract our critical eye. We seem to get meticulous about small things when it comes to bathrooms. The interior of that confined space is one apparent representation of a house itself. It gives us the assurance of privacy and secrecy, for which the aesthete side of an individual emerges out while planning the interiors of a bathroom. The trend ruling the décor and renovation world is that of sensuous shower doors made of highly processed glass.

Broadly, shower is linked with personal hygiene. Whether it is beginning of a bright new day or a quiet end to a stressful schedule, it soothes out our fatigue and assists us in relaxing our body, mind and soul. Oftentimes, it is our precinct to think about our future plans and actions. Holding the dominant position in the bathroom, its alluring appearance is just another added bonus. Clear cut glass shower doors suit these requirements best.


A wooden door or cloth covered shower has the tendency to retain water, which eventually becomes a welcome abode to moulds and other types of fungi. The advantage a glass shower door has over these materials is that with simple maintenance of regular wiping, a glass door shines brand new. It truly welds itself to the purpose of user hygiene.


Moreover, even if you opt for high-end wall paints, the water-vapour alone is tortuous enough to scrape away the paint, dull the tiles and erode any other metallic presence in your bathroom. Again, a glass door raises its head higher than other options when we talk of holding back maximum moisture and balancing the decor comity.


Along, with wood and cloth even plastic doors accept defeat from glass doors in the durability contest. A shower door made of wood or plastic gets easily wearied. On the other hand, highly tempered and treated glass is not only scratch-resistant but also substantial enough to endure, in case you accidentally slip and slide.


Bathrooms, these days, are designed or renovated in diverse upgraded patterns. At undesired circumstances where revamping goals are sapped, glass shower doors accessible in infinite colors and patterns become the last minute rescue mode. Irrespective of the wall color, hardware type or cocktail presence of shower tiles, even a simple and clear glass door adds to the classic quotient of reconditioning your bathroom.

A bathroom is a closed space; why make this cubicle look even more tight, contracted and incommodious? Rather, than installing bold, opaque and enclosed shower, it is wise to choose a see-through glass shower and increase the visibility of eye-space. Though a little pricey, shower doors made of glasses are worth the investment.