How to Best Utilize Metallic Hinges and Clamps for Glass Shower Enclosure

Bold advent of glass as shower enclosures, soon found firm and massive place for itself. This popularity made the manufacturers and service providers come up with ground-breaking patterns to multiply its impression and usage. Faultless installation is a mandate, since glass makes all hardware attachment visible. It is necessary to take care of every detail with precision to render an ultimate unsullied look.

Different types of hardware have their individualistic utilities. In this blog, you will get to know about hinges and metallic clamps.


  • Hinge helps to hold a glass panel in a glass enclosure. It is commonly classified into two types- Pivot and Side hinge.
  • A pivot hinge is used when a panel is attached to the bathroom wall or ceiling. On the other hand, when a glass panel is fixed to another, it is done with the help of side hinge. Pivot or side, both the hinges help to swing or sweep the glass panel in or out or both.
  • When you want to reduce the presence of metal in your shower, hinge is an appealing glass shower enclosure hardware that playsthe vital role of holding the glass panels together with minimum metal.
  • Pivot hinges are placed on the top and bottom; whereas side hinges are placed on one side of a panel connecting another side of the adjacent panel. This imparts a frameless floating look. It is important to determine the thickness of the glass before selecting a particular hinge.
  • Offered in different colors of nickel, bronze, chrome, white and black polish, hinges are often made of solid brass.

Metallic Clamps or Clips

  • As the name itself suggests, clamps made of metals with effectual polish help to hold glass panels in shower enclosures.
  • Metallic clips are selected depending on the plan of shower and the size, thickness and weight of glass panels. Though these clips or clamps are designed to support heavy-weight glass panels, yet it is better to match the details before downfall.
  • Being visible, it constitutes the crucial part of adding value to the presentation of frameless enclosure made of glass. Hence, it is obtained in numerous lucrative round, rectangular and squared shapes.
  • A notch is cut in the glass to allow the metallic clips have firmer grasp on the glass panels. This glass-cutting process is money-craving and the only part which might make you think twice before picking metallic clips.

Another type of shower enclosure hardware is the handle. Handles are metallic tubes or rods installed both inside and outside the glass panel. Many times, the handle itself acts as the towel holder. A separate towel bar, a bit elongated, can be fitted to a slanted handle for an ameliorated look. There is a lot more to discover in this segment.