Pocket-friendly ideas for a quick bathroom makeover

Akin to other rooms in a house, bathrooms also require makeovers to retain that brightness of a newly decorated bathroom. Makeovers largely depend on how much time and money you are in a position to spare to infuse some life into your old and staid bathroom. But it is always possible to make a few quick changes and yet breathe some life into your existing bathroom. You need not spend a fortune or immaculately plan for a makeover. Here we share a few simple yet brilliant ideas that will not burn holes in your pocket but yet give a new look to your bathroom.

1.    Install new faucets
Replacing the faucets in a bathroom instantly brighten up the bathroom. Extensive use over the years dulls the metallic finish of faucets and renders them dull. You can either go for a DIY faucet installation kit or hire a professional help for the same. DIY kits are very popular that come with detailed instructions and require no professional assistance or supervision.

2.    Change the mirror
Mirrors are an important part of every bathroom. Changing the entire mirror or installing new ones or changing the frame that holds one will impart a fresh new look to a bathroom.

3.    Paint the walls
Giving a fresh coat of paint to the bathroom walls instantly perk up the surroundings. Choose your color thoughtfully so that it goes with the rest of the toilet fixtures and accessories. Experiment with color but don’t end up choosing something overtly bright or dark that will not give the desired impact.

4.    Place a rug
Replacing or changing the floor tiles could be expensive and something that you are unable to go for now. To conceal stained and old looking floor tiles place a big rug. This will cover up the ungainly floor as well as make the bathroom appear larger.

5.    Change the shower curtains
You can hang customized shower curtains to give the bathroom a new look. Bright colors, floral prints usually fit in anywhere giving adding brightness. You can also but some cloth and stitch a curtain yourself for adding a personal touch to the space.

6.    Accessorize
Adding accessories immediately changes the way your bathroom looks. But take care not to overdo it. Too many additions may lead to clutter. Keep it simple like adding new tooth brush holder, soap dish or dispenser, small potted plant or vase with flowers.

7.    Change the counter top
You can either replace the counter top or add a new top on the existing one. You can opt for a marble or granite or a more fanciful new laminate top of the same size. There are countless options to choose from.

With these easy to implement ideas, giving your bathroom a makeover may not seem all that daunting!

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