Make small bathrooms appear bigger

For most homes, it is common to have small bathrooms. Most of the area of a house is allocated to more important areas like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, patios, study, etc. This really leaves less space for bathrooms. But there are easy tips and tricks to make your bathroom appear bigger than what it actually is. These are applicable to any small place to which you wish to give an enlarged look and feel. However, these suggestions are better off while implemented in a bathroom. These are simple and inexpensive techniques to give your bathroom a spaced out look.

1.  Install mirrors
Use mirrors wherever possible. If you have space for only one, make sure it is big. You can also try putting up smaller mirrors on the opposite wall of where you have the large mirror. The reflections will create an illusion of space.

2.    Light colored floor tiles and wall
Light colors always make a space appear larger than it actually is. Use light colored tiles and paint the walls with a matching color. You could choose a shade or two lighter to avoid monotony. If you are unable to change the tiles or color of the walls, place a light colored rug somewhere in the bathroom. You can choose to paint ceramic tiles with lighter colors if changing them is not workable for you.

3.    De-clutter
This means removal of small and numerous objects like towels, art pieces, accessories, etc. Keep one big towel or a single artifact for more effect as well as space. Put away things that are less used in cabinets or cupboards. This also holds true for toiletries. Keeping too many adds to clutter.

4.    Remove Obstructive elements
Get rid of anything that visually obstructs the bathroom, like walls, partitions, curtains, etc. Though having separate areas is a good idea, it may not really work well if you have small bathroom. And if you must have a separate area, opt for a curtain than a door. Have shelves on the wall instead of protruding cabinets. Use up corners to create storage alcoves.

5.    Appropriate lighting
In addition to focus lights for specific areas of the bathroom, install ample lighting. Dimly lit bathrooms always appear dull and small. More light would mean incorporating brightness into the bathrooms.

6.    Do away with bath-tub
If you can do without one, then removing a bath tub from the bathroom will open up a lot of floor space for you. You can instead install a glass shower for a luxurious feel and at the same time have more space to yourself.