Accessorize your bathroom for a different look and feel

Accessories are crucial to a bathroom’s look. You may have installed the best bath tub or glass shower, floor tiles, sink, faucets, toilet, etc. but it is all meaningless if the accessories aren’t proper. They ought to give a co-ordinated look and feel along with the rest of the bathroom equipment. This requires you to invest time and thought into your choice of accessories.

When it comes to accessories, sky is the limit as there are countless variants for every accessory. But what you choose is important. Another factor influencing your decision would be utility as you ought to focus more on most used accessories. Anything over and above that can be added purely for their aesthetic value. To start with:

  1. Mirrors

This is the most important accessory of any bathroom. It is extremely high in utility as well as aesthetic value. You can choose from different shapes and get it framed in decorative moldings. You can choose from metallic or wooden finishes depending on what style your bathroom is and your personal choice, of course.

  1. Counter top additions

Tooth brush holders, soap dishes or dispensers, napkin holder, tissue boxes, etc. are a huge range of bathroom accessories that you can choose from. You can choose them individually or opt for sets that match with rest of the bathroom.

  1. Towel bars

These are very important and they look good if they are co-ordinated with the faucets. These mostly come in metallic finishes. However, you can also opt for customized towel bars from specialty stores.

  1. Add plants and flowers

Whether real or artificial, paper, plastic or silk, plants and flowers spruce up a place in an instant adding a fresh look and feel to every area and the bathroom is no exception. You can place them on the window sill or counter top or by the bath tub, wherever you deem fit.

  1. Place decorative pieces

If placing artifacts in the bathroom is not your style, then you can go for decorative accessories. They add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom like an interesting basket or a colorful ceramic jar or bottle or glass. You can also add one or two art work on the walls.

  1. Add shelves

Shelves are extremely handy in bathrooms. Use up corners and unutilized spaces for the purpose. You can place just about anything of utility or visual appeal on them.

In addition to these, you can use your imagination to perk up the bathroom. Look all over the house for things that could be placed in the bathroom and at the same time be useful. You can use an attractive mug or glass as a tooth brush holder for example. The last but not the least is that you need to get rid of any and every kind of trash in the bathroom. Put them away in closets and cabinets or have a basket or tray or box in the bathroom itself where you can keep this stuff.