3 Fabulous Designs for your Bathroom… Which One will be Yours

Planning for a bathroom renovation is quite a hassle as most of the time you get overwhelmed with many different ideas. And then again all design ideas do not fit with yours. Bathrooms mostly vary in terms of size and shape and so do the remodeling plans. But to keep up with a smart and fresh look, there’s no match to a frameless shower enclosure. Frameless showers are chic and very much a product of its time, yet they lend a timeless look to your bathroom.

Being larger in shape than the regular ones, a frameless enclosure opens up enough room for additional fixtures. With a bit of planning and customized detailing, you can have a bathroom, which is no less exotic than the photoshoped images you have seen in the famous home improvement blogs.

Here are some of the hot picks from the house of Shower Lagoon

Seamlessly Sleek

Being sleek is contemporary. And it involves a lot of light neutral colors and pristine ambiance. Opt for white marble flooring and quartz countertop to get a refreshed look. However, discreet features, such as wall mount toilet, linear strip shower drain and frameless mirror will put a spark to the overall ensemble. For a seamless transition get rid of the raised threshold step and use a sloping floor instead. If you are fighting with a petite space, remove the partition and let in the light deep inside. A rain-style shower head will create an inspiring look.

Revel in the Rustics

Isn’t it exciting to have a country spa retreat whenever you want? And what if it is in your very own bathroom? Rich colors and varied textures not only add a visual interest, rather they transform your bathroom into a gateway to serenity. Line shower walls with ragged-cut slate lit from above with a skylight are incredibly breathtaking and when you pair it with curved pebble tile, the floors inside the frameless enclosures give you a soothing feeling under your feet. However, for a more streamlined aesthetic, opt for a slatted wood shower floor tray and complete the look with a solid wood shower seat, a wood countertop and a polished slate sink. And when it’s all about rustics, you have a lot to play with textures, colors and materials.

When bathroom is a Storage

With functionality as our key concept for bathroom remodels, storage and comfort facilities should be on the top of the list. And it needs nothing more than a beautiful bench seat, shelves and recessed niches fitted into the shower walls. From the extra drawer built under the shower seat you can grab a bar of soap or a clean piece of towel. Integrating storage space into the shower walls gives the bathroom a more streamlined look and allows you to deal with the challenges of a petite space. For more refined look, incorporate a poured concrete countertop with a rectangular sink.

Ideas are never-ending, and with Shower Lagoon , you will always find more than what you have always expected. Share your views with us. And we will be with you to resolve your design dilemmas.

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