Avoid These Common Glass Shower Door Installation Mistakes

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, the significance of a frameless glass shower doors is undeniable, as it makes your shower area more beautiful and convenient.

Just be sure not to mess up its installation as it can be costly. Doing so also diminishes its beauty and functionality.

Avoid costly repairs or replacements by doing your research and plan ahead by consulting glass shower door experts.

To help you get started, we’ve listed the most common frameless glass shower door installation mistakes.

Glass Shower door installation

7 Glass Shower Door Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid installation mistakes. That said, there are ways to correct them.

Mistake 1: Installing in an Uncleanable Space

One big design mistake homeowners make when installing a shower enclosure is creating an uncleanable space by adding a piece of glass next to a glass or tiled wall. In this way, water can flow between your glass shower door and the wall. If the space is too small to clean or for water to dry quickly, mould and mildew can result.

The Solution: Rectifying the Shower Design

It’s best to consult professionals before installing your glass shower door. They can inspect your shower area and suggest modifications to eliminate gaps through which water can get into hard-to-reach spots.

Mistake 2: Wrongly Aligned Shower Head or Body Spray

All high-end glass shower enclosures come with vinyl seals and caulk joints that act as a barrier to protect against destructive water droplets. However, it’s advisable not to stress them too much.

During installation, avoid placing shower heads in such a way that water hits vulnerable areas, like the seams between the glass or hinged side of the door. Water rushing against these parts causes wet floor and leakage.

The Solution: Facing the Sprays and Jets Towards the Solid Glass Wall or Tile

Fix the showerhead and additional body spray to face either the tiled wall or fixed glass panels. In this way you keep water from getting to the caulk joints or gaps between the stationary panels and door panels.

Mistake 3: Not Checking the Shower Curb Slope

The slope of your shower curb is one of the most important things to consider for effective water containment. Ensure that it’s not level and never slopes away from the door and towards the bathroom floor.

Here are a few problems that can arise from an improper shower curb slope:

  • An increased risk of slip and fall
  • Leakage in the bathroom floor and possible damage
  • Mould and mildew growth

The Solution: Making Sure the Curb Is Sloped Towards the Shower Floor

A professional knows the importance of the pitch and slope of the curb. A ⅛- to ¼-inch inward pitch must be achieved to prevent water from seeping under the shower door.

If your shower curb slope is already installed incorrectly, you can put in a threshold or water dam with a new glass shower.

Mistake 4: Choosing a High-Maintenance Design with Ridges

Not all glass showers are made equally, and some require more cleaning and maintenance than others.

Here’s a list of glass showers that require the most maintenance:

  • Frosted Glass

The acid-etched look of frosted glass provides additional privacy to your shower enclosure. However, the textured surface makes it more difficult to clean.

  • Cast Glass

This type of glass is deeply textured and looks striking. Unfortunately, the deep grooves and ridges only make the cleaning process more tedious.

  • Framed Shower Doors

A classic and seemingly more affordable choice, these doors can be tricky to clean, what with all the tracking and framing around the glass.

The Solution: Researching and Choosing an Easy-to-Maintain Design

When comparing glass shower doors, pay attention to maintenance along with style and budget.

The options that require the least maintenance are:

  • Clear glass, due to its smooth surface
  • A frameless design, without any nooks and crannies.

Mistake 5: Not Protecting the Shower Glass

Unprotected glass may save you on upfront costs, but frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent staining and corrosion will cost you more in the long term.

The Solution: Opting for Permanently Sealed Doors

These will stay clean longer and are better at resisting staining and corrosion.

Mistake 6: Buying an Outdated Model

Without prior research, you could end up with an outdated door.

The Solution: Making Small Changes to Alter the Shower’s Overall Style


Adding contemporary elements can fix the problem. From replacing the door handle to adding fashionable robe hooks and bath towels, you can give your bathroom interior a modern look.

Mistake 7: Choosing a Swinging Door Mechanism

A swinging shower door looks great but can be trouble if not installed properly.

The Solution: Replace Swinging Doors With a Frameless Slider

Good alternatives to swinging shower doors are more affordable bypass doors and frameless sliders, which are perfect for small spaces.

A beautiful glass shower door installation is the perfect way to upgrade your interior decor but only if you avoid these mistakes. Hiring a professional installer near you ensures that your glass shower door gets put in properly without creating future issues.

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