9 Best Frameless Shower Door Ideas (2020 Bathroom Makeover)

A new shower enclosure is a charming installation that can instantly make over your bathroom, irrespective of its design or dimensions. The glass frame, its structure and the hardware it uses have evolved over time, and today we can choose frameless designs without worrying they might crack.

Frameless shower doors with a minimalistic style have a subtle presence that can brighten any bathroom. They’re not only beautiful but functional and practical.

Have plans to renovate your bathroom? Need some inspiration? Here, we compile nine popular frameless shower door ideas trending in 2020.

Best Frameless Shower Door Ideas to Watch Out For in 2020

Frameless shower doors are easy to clean, look chic and are versatile enough to flatter your bathroom. The following are a few ideas to consider implementing in your home.

1. Matted or Brushed Finishes

Highly-polished chrome finish hardware and shiny shower glass are slowly going out of fashion.
These days, new installations and renovations are witnessing a high demand for matte or brushed-finish hardware and glass. These types of frameless shower doors are easier to clean, and water stains are less obvious. As per the trend, not only is the shower enclosure matted but the entire bathroom, including wall tiles.

2. Rustic Warm Tones

Add Rustic Warm Tones to Frameless Shower Doors

source: stapransdesign.com

Incorporating natural wood colours and textures into your bathroom along with a frameless glass enclosure is quintessentially modern. Pair it with clamps and hinges in golden or brass to maximize its beauty. Rustic tones and styles look best with an elevated area for the frameless glass enclosure.

3.    Tinted Glass and Bright Tiles

If you want a fun and quirky bathroom with an enclosure, consider getting a tinted frameless shower door. Shades of bright aqua are trending in 2020. Having a wall tiled in similar tones strikes a balance in the overall look. Tinted and matte-finish tempered glass for your frameless shower enclosure is also functional and appealing. When choosing a flattering tint, consider whether the lighting will be natural or artificial.

4.    Double Entrances

A shower enclosure with more than one entrance is not only practical but gives you several design options. The shower doors are placed in the middle of the enclosure and can be used as a separate entrance and exit. This kind of design is particularly popular among couples who share a bathroom but want it to look unique.

5.    Tile and Glass Enclosures

This permanent and durable style of shower enclosure is particularly suited to traditional homes. A simple frameless glass door allows you to mix and match styles by choosing your preferred combination of tiles and texture of glass. Want a daring design idea? Combine dark tiles with rippled glass.

6.    Sliding Frameless Shower Doors

What do you do when your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for a swinging shower door? You can still enjoy the aesthetics of a glass shower by implementing practical options, specifically sliding glass doors. These can be customized to fit any decor style, regardless of how much space you have. The best part is that you can still reserve space for other bathroom fixtures without the fear of cluttering the area.

7.    Smart Space Usage

When installing a glass shower in a small bathroom, another smart thing to do is to avoid an enclosure entirely. Simply having a consistent floor material will make your bathroom appear more spacious. Instead, keep an open shower, with the tiled wall being the only thing separating it from the vanity. If you’re worried about how to keep in warmth, install a heated shower floor or a heat lamp in the ceiling. Choosing a sleek and transparent frameless shower door will make the overall design look even more spacious.

8.    Textured Glass Doors

A glass shower door made with textured tempered glass can instantly give your bathroom a much-needed facelift. It’s also the quickest (and cheapest) way to incorporate popular design trends. Using two different textures of glass is also trending. Consider combining frosted frameless glass doors with a matte finish or conventionally polished glass. Another unique texture is etched glass which is both beautiful and low maintenance.

9.    Curbless Styles

Curbless styles are not only beautiful but safe choices, especially if you have seniors and/or children living with you. A frameless shower door offers a minimalist approach to segregating the shower area. This kind of design looks particularly beautiful when your bathroom is sleek overall and you’re aiming for a smooth transition in terms of colours and textures.

Many classic styles of frameless shower doors and enclosures will remain popular in 2020. Several newer, more unique trends will likely stick around until at least the end of the year as well. Which interests you most?